‘If Your Husband Cheats On You, Don’t Stab Him, Simply Remove His Car Break’ — Nigerian Lady Advises Women


A Nigerian woman Identified as Vivian Chidinma Chidubem who appeares to be newly married has taken to Facebook to tell married women how to kill their husbands if they cheat.

In a period when stabbing of husbands by their wives is fast becoming a norm, Vivian took to social media to advice women to rather remove the car break of their husbands instead of stabbing or pouring hot water on them.

She wrote:

“Please My Fellow Ladies, If your Husband cheats, Don’t stab or use hot on him, simply go and remove his car break, My Dear, Only Tension will kill him when he car fails Break, If he survives it, either his 

According to reports on social media, angry Nigerians who read the reckless comment on the platform, checked her previous posts and realized that she posted pictures of her marriage not too long.

Hence, they screen grabbed her comment, then traced her husband and sent him the screenshot.

It was further gathered that though she quickly deleted the comment and temporarily deactivated her Facebook account, it was too late as her husband upon learning about her comment sent her back to her parents’ house.



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