“I Can’t Limit My Creativity Because Of What People Will Think” – Rema


Fast-rising Nigeria singer Rema has savagely reacted to a tweet by a fan who criticized the lyrics of his songs.

The critic identified as @daryl_xxl had shared a post saying Rema was misleading foreigners with the lyrics in his single, ‘Lady’, and making them believe the words he strung together were gotten from a Nigerian language.

Oyibo will hear Rema say “Achukwuleke make you give me kpalansi scatter your Baka..” and assume it’s Nigerian language. Pls it’s not in Jesus name, amen!

Reacting to the post, the music star pointed out that he never made up any of the lyrics as they were actually inspired by slang he picked up while growing up in Benin.

Rema stated that he creates music freely and cannot stifle his creative abilities because of what people will think about it.

He urged @darly_xxl to accept the fact that he is confident in his vibe.

“I learnt all these slangs from my hood in Benin city, they all actually have meaning. I create my sounds freely, I can not limit my creativity because of “what people will think” I’m confident in my vibe, accept it. Thank you,” Rema tweeted.



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