“US Will Pay for The Pains Suffered by Our People,” Says North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un


Kim Jong-Un, has announced that North Korea is no longer bound by Nuclear Test Moratorium. The moratorium, in the first place, was a self-imposed pause on the testing of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles and was acknowledged by Trump as a diplomatic victory.

The Nuclear Test Moratorium can be likened to the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty which bans nuclear weapon tests in the atmosphere, outer space and under water.

The self-imposed pause was made over two years ago at a time Kim hoped his personal relationship with Trump and negotiations with the US will prompt the United States to lift crippling sanctions. That didn’t happen and we can say that the ‘diplomatic victory’ Trump talked about has been re-suspended.

North Korea had given the United States until December 31st 2019 to, at least, make some concessions. But that didn’t happen, meaning that North Korea’s 18 months of diplomacy with the Donald Trump had failed to yield tangible results.

According to reports by North Korean’s official Central News Agency, Kim announced that ‘the world will witness a new strategic weapon in the near future.” Nobody knows for sure what this weapon is or what they plan to do with the weapon, but it’s North Korea, and that’s enough reason to fret.

Kim has ‘threatened’ that his country “will shift to a shocking actual action,” which will cause the US to pay for the pains sustained by his people.

With Iran and North Korea threatening to start retaliatory actions against the US, we should all be bothered.

What do you think can be done to prevent things from escalating any further and going beyond control? 

What are your thoughts and opinion on these?



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