Breaking!! Buhari Orders The Release Of Orji Uzo Kalu, Gives Him State Pardon


President Buhari on Thursday shortly after court sends APC Senetor Orji KALU to prison, has also ordered for his immediate release, stating that such high profile man deserves state forgiveness.

In his words his state

The theme of the conference, “Strengthening Judicial Integrity and the Rule of Law”, was apt at the time of consolidating and sustaining democracy.

He said that the public expected fairness, impartiality and speed in the administration of justice.

“Regrettably court cases can drag on for years and years, sometimes decades without resolution. I need only mention land cases in Lagos to illustrate my point.’’

He said that there were huge backlogs of cases waiting to be dispensed especially at the Appellate levels.

“There are contradictory decisions of superior courts on the same subject matter in cases where facts are substantially the same without a clear attempt in subsequent cases to distinguish the earlier cases. This lack of clarity leads to serious confusion to the lower courts.’’



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