Miyetti Allah: No RUGA, no peace in states …Why we won’t obey S’east governors on movement of cows


I’m aware the Oyo anti-grazing law is the same thing with that of Benue, and their people also want to take over the business of cattle rearing from us. We have met with our lawyers to see how to go to Oyo to stop it. They want to terminate Fulani business in the country.

If the governor wants to enact anti-grazing law, he has to have plans for the Fulani herdsmen; he has to carve out a large portion of land for them, develop it with modern amenities and infrastructure for them to settle. He can’t just push them out like that. Oyo has a very large land and they are supposed to carve a portion for us, but they don’t want to give us, but want to do the same thing that Benue State has done. From what is going on, there are plans to terminate the Fulani business in the country.



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