Taxi Driver Nabbed After Allegedly Driving Off With 3 School Children In Port Harcourt [PHOTOS]


According to a Facebook user, Augustine Awoyesuku, the mother of the 3 school driver hired him and then after she put the children in the car, he sped off just before she was able to get into the car.

The mother stood outside the school in Port Harcourt owned by Pastor Oyedepo’s Living Faith Church where she was crying after the incident. Hours later, the same cab driver returned to the location and the mother immediately raised alarm on sighting him which led to his arrest.

Before us this afternoon at D/Line PHC a cab man adopted 3 school children from a woman that was about taking his cad on a drop after school, she put the children in the cab and just tuned to enter the cab, this fool drove off with the Children to an unknown destination for his selfishness purpose.

The God of Living Faith Church took over the search of the Children, few hours later this same foolish cab man drove to same point where the frustrated mother was still crying and praying 😭 to the God of OYEDEPO for Help.

Probably with the mind that nobody took notice of him or nobody recognized him.
But as God would have it, on sighting his face and the color of the cab, she recognized him and raised alarm, we all ran out and accosted the man, after much interogation he accepted that the 3 children are locked up in his house.

What is this WORLD 🌍 TUNING TO?
What would have been the fate of this innocent children?

This goes on to justify the saying thus. “Everyday for the thief,
One day for the owner”

This man’s cup was full today, he adopted the wrong children by torching God’s children.

Bad people are everywhere and we can’t be careful enough but we should always pray and anoint ourselves and our children everyday before leaving the house.



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