Top Muslim Governor Donates Millions Of Naira To Christians, To Build More Churches In The North


Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu, has donated N30 million to the Christian community, in Zuru Emirates, to build Churches.
The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Zonal Chairman, Rev. James Manga, disclosed this while answering question from Reporters.
He said that the donation is to enable the Christian communities in Zuru, build Churches and other on-going projects.

Manga stated that it is the first time the Christian communities are getting a large sum of money from the Governor.
According to him: “The money was delivered to us, and it was shared according to the needs of various Churches. Most of the money went into building Churches in Zuru Community. Although past governments did something for the Churches, but it not as large sum as this.”

He stated that apart from the N30 million donation, Bagudu also personally visited the Christian communities, during the last Christmas celebrations, to rejoice and celebrate with them.
Audu said that the Governor also donated bags of rice, clothing materials, and other food items to all Churches in the State, to celebrate last Christmas.

He called on the Governor to ensure the involvement of Christians in his cabinet, stating that: “In the last 4 years, Christian presence was not felt in the Governor’s cabinet. That has been one major challenge for Christians in the State.
“But this time around, we are pleading with Governor Bagudu to carry Christians along, while forming his cabinet. We are praying for him. The Church believes in his government, and we will continue to pray for the success of his administration.”



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