Ejike Ofoegbu


Ejike Ofoegbu, a male gender. was born in the early 90’s; (1994) in a family of seven consisting of five Children(he stand to be the youngest of all). always cheerful and confident; his sanguinity earned him a sobriquet, “Ejiblinks”, by folks and cronies. He is aborigine of Imo State Amaigbo Nwangele Local government and of Biafra Nationality, bona fide, not by registration and or application but by the virtue of being born of and to Biafran Parents.

His handsome, tall, dark, young man with intrinsic abilities cum passion for activism. He speak a dialect of Igbo and with eloquence, a shared language cum lingua franca of English. He is decent sort and love people with sense of moral understanding.

He is advocating and engaged in Biafra activism. He have a proficient, journalistic skills, and so work with various news agencies. To all intents and purposes, he could say so far that he is newsworthy and have made virtue of necessity as a news agent in his field of activism and beyond; with this end in view, he is a Biafran Journalist.

Among other things, Ejike Ofoegbu is more passionate about rescuing the perishing. In other words, disseminating and providing humanity with unalloyed information, crucial and critical; because one who is deficient of information is no better to be deemed perishing. ”



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