Shame To APC, As Bandits Attack Buhari’s Home State, Loot Houses, Wreak Devastating Havoc


Shame To APC, As Bandits Attack Buhari’s Home State, Loot Houses, Wreak Devastating Havoc

Bandits struck again at Danbirgima, in Kankara Local Government Area of Katsina State, stealing residents’ money and rustling an unspecified number of
in the process.

No death was however reported, during the two-hour attack on the community.
Residents revealed that the bandits stormed the town and carried out their activities for the next two hours.

It was learnt that during the operation, many residents, especially men, escaped to nearby villages and Kankara, headquarters of the LG.

The bandits were said to have met mainly elderly people and women, who they relieved of their money.

One of the residents, who preferred not to be identified for his safety, said that the bandits ransacked virtually all the houses in the community, and carted away goats and cows.

He said: “The bandits came into the village, I escaped, but my old mother was left in the house. The bandits inquired from her why she did not run away as others had done. She asked them, where they expected her to run away to at that age and at that time of the day. They collected her money and went away with her two rams. They did not maltreat her.

“I had to run, because I have been kidnapped once, and I had to pay four million Naira to regain my freedom. I know that the bandits are ruthless and they mean business. So, I had to run for my life, when they arrived and started shooting.

“Fortunately, I relocated my wives and children from the community, shortly after I was kidnapped and released. I cannot say when I will return there (Dabirgima), for I believe the bandits have informants who always inform them about what goes on.”

The Spokesman for the Katsina Police Command, SP Gambo Isah, confirmed the incident.

He said: “Yes, Danbirgima was attacked, but nobody was killed or injured. The bandits only succeeded in rustling some animals.”



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