Court gives Buhari 5 days to vacate Aso-Rock for a new presidential election to be conducted – since INEC don’t have election results


CNN) Nigeria’s Supreme Court ruled Thursday that last month’s presidential election rerun met all the constitutional requirements, meaning incumbent President Buhari Is the winner. However the opposition rejected the ruling, saying it was made “under duress.”

“The presidential election on 23 of February is hereby upheld,” Chief Justice said following a unanimous vote by six members of the court.
The court upheld a petition by opposition candidate Atiku, who said the re-election of President Buhari On February 23 was fraudulent.

“The presidential election was not conducted in accordance with the constitution, rendering the declared results invalid, null and void,” Chief Justice said, ordering fresh elections within 20 days.

In a decision that surprised many observers, including Buhari and his supporters, four out of six justices agreed with opposition arguments that the electoral commission committed irregularities invalidating the vote. It also raised questions for international monitors, who had declared the election fair.

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  1. There is a real problem in our Nigeria because everybody is fooling one. Where are the legal arguments to support the decision upheld by four of the Supreme Court justices that held the view that a rerun should be initiated. We need more information.


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