Breaking: INEC Chairman Mahmood Yakubu resigns


The Independent National Electoral Electoral Commission’s chairman Mahmood Yakubu has reportedly resigned following the controversy that surrounds the postponement of General Election for one week.

According to AM news, Mahmood Yakubu resigned as commission chairman but refused to give details why he suddenly took the decision.

Different groups and people have called for the resignation of Mr Yakubu after the disappointment arising from the postponement of 2019 general election.

Among those who want the INEC chairman to resign include the Vice Presidential Candidate of the People Democratic Party, Pete Obi when he said and was reported on DailyPost.

“This postponement is an embarrassment to Nigeria and all those who believe in this country. The pain and shame are just unbearable.

“Several people travelled to various destinations this weekend to perform their civic duties – many events were adjusted to ensure they did not clash with today’s election only to wake up and be greeted with this heartbreaking announcement.

“The financial damage is unimaginable. Enough is enough. Nigeria cannot continue to reward incompetence.

The resignation call was not only from the camp of the People Democratic Party, but the ruling All Progressives Congress APC also joined the call through the Buhari Media Organisation.

According to Thisday newspaper, Buhari Media Organisation noted that “The INEC chairman did not give indications of any problem before now and is known to have consistently said the commission was prepared and that was because President Muhammadu Buhari made sure that it got the required funding in spite of the delay in budget passage orchestrated by the leadership of the National Assembly.

“Because of Professor Yakubu’s assurances, we would have been right to assume that nothing short of an act of God would have prevented the election from holding but we are disappointed that he had the temerity to use the excuse of the logistic challenge to defer the election by one week.

It appears that the INEC boss has yielded to the calls from Nigerians and tendered his resignation.

More to come.



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