I captioned this essay from lyrics of my best Lucky Dube track; it drives me crazy and Rasta men are the real prophets to me. I used to be a lover of hip-hop until I grew into a man; reggae is the business and for those of use fighting for justice, we draw inspiration from reggae music. No matter the interpretation; Lucky Dube saw Peter Obi’s situation over the years. He didn’t know IPOB would be slaughtering our own brother while the enemies stand aside and look. They are slaughtering Peter Obi while Buhari and Osibanjo stand aside looking and raising fist of motivation.

Bob Marley said how long they shall kill our prophets while we stand aside and look but little did he know that eventually, the enemies will stand aside and look while we slaughter our own brother, knowing that our brother is also a victim of the situation. Those slaughtering our brother will keep their heads high; telling you Biafra is more than vice president of Nigeria. They will keep their heads high and tell you; another four years is renewal of our slavery and to slaughter Peter Obi is a task that must be completed. You cannot stop emergence of a candidate because you cannot stop the election; what is then the cost of slaughtering our own brother? The only thing we can offer is to stop election in Biafra land or allow a situation we cannot control to our favor.

Nnamdi Kanu knew from the beginning that a time like this would come; if not, he would not have prioritized going to Ubini Ukpabi to bring us under his command and control. People don’t go there to take oath of allegiance to Biafra but to be tied to an imperfect and unreliable man. ‘Slaughter Peter Obi’ and they began to post pictures of Ezu River, calling their own brother murderer. They accuse him of genocide while the world says, ‘O! You are the people killing yourselves and no longer the enemy’ they take to their facebook and twitter pages; telling the world how their own brother became a killer, a thief and a worthless man while the enemy stand aside and look.

Nnamdi Kanu wants to stand alone; anybody that dares to stand is pulled down by him. What will IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu lose if Peter Obi becomes the vice president of Nigeria in an election he cannot stop? Instead of our brother to be there; let the enemy continue to be there because we are very wise, is that wisdom? For our command and control slaves; I don’t think is time to reason, but all the slaves cannot match few free people like us. People like us know that Peter Obi is our own brother and while in this fight for our freedom, we consider the ideology of those that want political intervention. When time is due for this freedom to be taken; Peter Obi will look back and consider the brotherly love we showed him. When time for violent takeover comes; he would run but as long as this is peaceful, let him peacefully favor us.

Nnamdi Kanu can use you all but he cannot use you all forever; you all may be liberated or die and new ideas will sprout. Pull Peter Obi down because he wants to remain relevant; pull Peter Obi down because indigenous supremacy is Kanu’s final target. Pull Peter Obi down because he is the enemy; Buhari is our own brother; Osibanjo is the enemy we know, but pull Peter down because he is the enemy we didn’t know. There is always a reason to slaughter our own brother; there is always a reason to kill Peter Obi and Nnamdi Kanu has all the reasons.

The onus of the matter is Nnamdi Kanu is no longer fighting for the restoration of Biafra but buying time with his approach. If this election will hold because we cannot do anything about it; there is opportunity to do something with Peter and he is out to destroy that opportunity simply because Obi will be more relevant than him in the case of victory. To stop this election is an objective we don’t have the capacity but to destroy our own brother instead of solely boycott the election is outside the box. We are simply doing Kanu’s compromised business.

Nnamdi Kanu is begging for referendum; between Buhari/Osibanjo and Atiku/Obi, who is most likely to grant him the referendum he is pursuing if it can ever be possible in human existence? You all can see he doesn’t have belief in his demand for a referendum; he is just wasting your time and taking you down to abyss. Do not reason; no, don’t reason, remember you took oath to be under his command and control, do not reason. If you love Biafra, throw away your brain if you must fight for Biafra. Just boycott your election and leave our brother alone; you have done harm already and be ready to reap the referendum the boycott will give you.

I am neither in support of Nigerian election or calling for participation; I support this boycott but what I oppose is slaughtering Peter Obi, our own brother. If we are this strong; the enemies should be slaughtered. Boycott your election and leave Obi as alternative if boycott eventually fails. You are shouting peaceful agitation and aiding a killer that brings violence to us by slaughtering our own brother. The killer comes to kill us; you tell us to die peacefully but ran away when they came for your own head. This man has run out of idea and he would destroy everything we built with our lives and sweat. Somebody should tell him to bow out now the ovation is still high!

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



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