Dear Sir;

Like Obasanjo of Nigeria; I may have succumbed to letter writing because I want to save the soul of Biafra, but writing is my profession, that is the difference between Obasanjo of Nigeria and me. Obasanjo would write to Buhari and in reaction; Buhari will tell the people that a looter has written to him, that Obasanjo is the real enemy of Nigeria and Nigerians will shout “Sai Baba”. I know you will tell Biafrans Ifeanyi Chijioke is a saboteur; a paid agent of Nigeria doing the job of the enemy. Of course; the people will shout “holy holy is our supreme leader” and you will walk majestically into your chamber looking over your shoulders if anyone noticed you are a liar.

The caption of my letter today is your UK visit; I have many questions about your trip to Israel which you will never answer but I have dedicated my time trying to uncover answers. Questions like; how did you get passport since your passport was seized. How did you get visa since Nigerian government have you on its watch list. I want to know who and who helped you escape to Israel and now again to UK; you opined MOSSAD or Israeli government took you to Israel? Are they the same people that took you to UK? It is now clearer that you were granted travel documents and the question is; how and where did you get the documents? These questions bother me because I was told your escape was pre-arranged to neutralize Biafra agitation.

When I sought after the details of your escape from Afraukwu Ibeku; I was debriefed you got notified from Nigerian government 45minutes earlier to leave your house that they are coming. You smoothly left your home in company of some men, wearing white can, white short and with hilux van but left others there to defend an empty home that later fell. When the military came the first time; about four army personnel were disarmed and their riffle seized, State Area commander called you and demanded the riffles be returned, you contacted your younger brother Fine Boy and ordered the riffles be returned to state Area Command. In what appears like returning that favor or maintaining diplomatic relationship, you were contacted to leave 45minutes earlier before your home was raided. This report came directly to me from your security personnel that stood those soldiers. I was tempted to get your security personnel on camera to give account of your escape.

Sir; during your interview with Israeli TV, you noted that you escaped to Israel because that is the only place you could be safe in this world but to my greatest surprise, you are in UK, the country that is the mother of Nigeria. This same UK that imprisoned Ibori for Nigeria, that is probing Madueke for Nigeria, rule and decide for Nigeria. Your trip to UK is more or less like everything has been settled; no problem again, not a freedom fighter but indigenous movement agitating for referendum and government of national unity in Nigeria? You are a smart guy; very smart, you have achieved it all, with oaths after oaths that it would be Biafra or death. This is a lesson to us; will another man open a radio and rant I swear, may Chukwuokike strike me dead if I did not restore Biafra in a battlefield? You have had your way but we have learned our lesson; your words and oaths shall haunt you because that name Chukwuokike is a spirit, because Biafra is the souls of our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, you shall not escape judgment, you shall be held to account for every oath you took with the name ‘Biafra’.

Let me take this opportunity to call the attention of those that said Nnamdi Kanu cannot go to UK because Nigerian government will arrest him through UK authority. Kanu is in UK and he is there because everything has been settled, de-escalated. Our leader is live and direct in UK and will stay in the house of our enemy to destroy our enemy, who is fooling who? This letter is not meant for you brainwashed idiots; this letter is meant for the smartest man I have seen in Biafra. But hold on; I joined to preach that only Radio Biafra speaks truth and every other radio or person speaks lie. God forbid me even as it has come back to haunt me; of course, I speak lie and tonight, my people will tune in to hear truth, what a crazy world!

Sir; it is a relief that you left Israel the only place in the world your safety is assured, you promised you will stay in Israel until you get everything you needed to restore Biafra and come back but you are today in UK and Her Majesty likely to give you the hell you will come back with. Your brainwashed idiots are jumping up like chattering monkeys; they said you have been traveling without documents. Some said your travel with Israeli protection; but I know they can’t endure if they found out FFK negotiated a new or old passport to be issued to you to leave peacefully. It would shock them to know a new passport was granted to you by the same Nigeria they want to destroy. Little wonder Nigeria is not worried about your escape/trip; everybody is okay that you left and our lethal agitation narrowed to nonsense. They will not even ask UK to repatriate you; of course, you agreed to leave peacefully.

No matter how you try; you cannot hide the fact that Biafra has hit the rock under you; you can boast that you were attacked and that is why you ran away. You can tell them that if you compromised truly, Nigerian government would not have attacked you but you won’t tell them the creeks are there for you to stay and plan the way forward. You won’t tell them that you claimed you were dead and was supposed to work underground for Biafra but only to come out due to election. They will say you have given them election referendum when you know you have only tried to save your face. The clock is ticking against you; our people were ready for anything you wanted to ensure Biafra is restored but not only did you disappoint them and Biafra; you betrayed your own self and words, you betrayed your oaths and vows, but like a miracle, Biafra will surely come, the leveler cometh!

Yours Sincerely

Ifeanyi Chijioke



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