Before a tap on this article; honorably stand for the supreme leader of Biafra, His Lordship Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who recently announced referendum date for the people of Biafra. It has not been easy; from he will never be part of Biafra restored through referendum to announcing referendum date and welcoming Biafra, indeed, holy… holy… holy… Nnamdi Kanu, our supreme leader is another savior. He has saved the people of Biafra and shame goes to every saboteur who doubted him. We shall make an image of him and bow down in worship; that is the least we can offer our savior. The savior that came through Mary is worshipped same way today and our own will not be an exception.

Nnamdi Kanu through Emma Powerful announced official date for Biafra referendum, 16th of February is the date with destiny. Last year; he announced that millions of ballot papers have been printed but it appears more likely the ballot papers didn’t make it to Nigeria and will not be used anymore. The people of Biafra will conduct the referendum on 16th via sitting at home while Nigerians are to come out, US and EU have released drones that will monitor and count the votes, winner will emerge on 17th of February. Automatically; the people of Biafra are going home on 17th of February, Biafra has finally been restored by Nnamdi Kanu.

For me; the news broke out at Holy Ghost Motor Park, Enugu state. Drivers were jubilating as they firmly held news papers showing passer-by the confirmation story. Enugu had held mock referendum but it seems the nature of this referendum is easier, just sit down at home on 16th and you will be counted, further directives will be given out from radio Biafra; so when sitting, you must have your radio on. Once after the referendum; the people might be asked to take over institutions or converge at a particular place to praise the leader of IPOB who in his infinite mercy or might, made it possible.

Recently; Nnamdi Kanu made a broadcast noting that saboteurs will not live to see Biafra and as Biafra is likely to come on 17 next month, saboteurs will suffer unless they go exile like Nnamdi Kanu went at the sound of Operation Python Dance. People like Ohaneze Ndigbo and their cronies, the governors and politicians will be lynched by command and control members of IPOB. The security wing of IPOB will embark on internal clean-up. There are names on Nnamdi Kanu’s list of saboteurs; names like Clifford Ironaya, Emma Mmezu, Omiomio, Ifeanyi Chijioke, Russell Bluejack, Charles Ogbu etcetera, the security will murder all of them because the supreme of all supreme of Biafra listed them.

This was the referendum many people died for; the referendum our mothers were incarcerated and tortured for, that referendum is here and we must not take it for a joke. Victory is sure and on 17th February, we will be singing a victorious song. Let everyone tune in to Radio Biafra and follow orders; it is command and control. Nobody should bother; the US and EU drone that will count the votes will get you while eating your Ofe Okazi, make sure you prepare the finest Ofe Okazi; so that once the drone camera gets you, the Oyibo man will be attracted to the soup. This is Biafra and we mean business; we are serious when we say we are here to restore Biafra.

IPOB told us no group can be like it; they are the only people that can restore Biafra and every other group is an agent of Nigerian government. Nobody should bother; IPOB could not get UN and EU approval but as they will be coming to monitor Nigerian election, they will see our referendum in progress and abandon the election to monitor our referendum. When we tell you that in IPOB we have the best brains, you think we are joking or lying, you can see how we used the brain of EU and UN, even that of Nigeria to conduct our referendum. This is the reason we put our referendum on their election day.

Finally; everybody should get ready for the Biafra Nnamdi Kanu promised that he would restore on 17th, Kanu was anointed by God to restore Biafra and the appointed time is 17th of February 2019. All the adoration is unto our supreme leader who came, saw and conquered the enemy. Let Emma Powerful quickly announce transitional government and put the right heads. I am surrendering myself for the slaughter house because I was told my name is on the sabo list.

But by the time you people wake up and find out how much Nnamdi Kanu has used and abused you all; you won’t have the courage to mention Biafra anywhere again. By the time you realize that you are a foolish man; the money you contributed would have been far beyond your reach. The earlier you abandon this man is the better for us all. God has ordained that Biafra must be restored and we shall restore Biafra. The vessel God will use and restore Biafra is in the making; find him and be among the appointed ones.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Enugu



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