Members of IPOB often rip to the defense of Nnamdi Kanu to gain sympathy; saying he has done everything and given up everything for Biafra. This usually happens when one questions the recent commitment of Nnamdi Kanu due to his inability to redeem everything he promised during his maiden radio broadcast. Nnamdi Kanu promised and assured the people a lot; and his assurances led to vote of confidence passed on him, when the chips were down for him to show everything he vowed on radio Biafra, he retreated to Israel and began hi-tech farm, road construction, rehabilitation and employment, a ploy to neutralize or consolidate the Biafra he has technically given up on. Today; he is back to UK; wonders shall never cease.

Nnamdi Kanu is a British citizen who was more of an activist/politician before becoming the leader of IPOB; there is no official record of his profession before becoming the leader of IPOB, some said he studied economy and was a consultant while opposition believes otherwise. It is on record Nnamdi Kanu was a politician, staunch member of APGA, he gained the position of UK leadership in APGA under Chekwas Okerie but later left the party when Biafra agitation began to take prominence.

The clear record of Nnamdi Kanu’s past profession is his penchant for activism; during the early days of Boko Haram insurgence, he led a Nigerian protest in London and called for action against Boko Haram and that was the last time he got involved in Nigerian affair. Immediately Jonathan lost his re-election bid; Radio Biafra gained audience and he became indigenous champion. Invited to world Igbo congress where he asked for guns and bullets that later came through defense fund. The invitation shaped his story and on October 2015; he came back to Lagos and was arrested by the government of Muhammadu Buhari and the story changed.

Protest began across Southsouth and Southeast for his release, media campaign led by young Biafran journalists colored the protest and the world started to profile him. That was the beginning of his fame and he spent one year and some months in detention before he was released. Nnamdi Kanu has never appeared in any protest in Biafra land except when Nigerian army obstructed his convey on his way to Ebonyi state and he alighted and walked past the blockade.

Nnamdi Kanu did not sponsor radio Biafra with his hard earned money; it’s on record he solicited for the funds among the people of Biafra, with another account claiming Uwazurike financed the radio initially. Nnamdi Kanu was not a millionaire before he became the leader of IPOB but he can today boast of billions of Niara. He had no car before he became the leader of IPOB but he can today boast of white adorable venza and latest model Siena. Nnamdi Kanu also entered inter MOU with BLC for Ekwenche and the Diaspora to fund Biafra activities, but the fund was embezzled or mismanaged as claimed by BLC of Prince Orjiakor.

Comparing Nnamdi Kanu to other leaders; a Biafran leader like Innocent Orji spent 10 years in prison with his wife, younger sister and unborn child still languishing in prison to date. Uwazurike spent more years in prison than Nnamdi Kanu and invested his money into the struggle than Kanu that used the power of the tongue to convince our people to contribute for him. Uwazurike was chased out of his house in Okigwe; one story building that was burnt and remains abandoned to date. Innocent Orji lost everything he had; his home raided and people killed, likewise Uwazurike, his home raided and people killed. Has Nnamdi Kanu offered anything more than the two? Uwazurike’s census boycott brought international awareness which can be said to be insufficient. Innocent Orji’s launch of Biafra Shadow Government and the subsequent arrest of illegal migrants brought international awareness and caused diplomatic row between Nigeria and China.

Biafra agitation made Nnamdi Kanu better than he was and only the people of Biafra deserve credit for everything. The young journalists that fought massively deserves a better credit, they suffered more than him because right there in detention, he was properly taken care of than most members of IPOB to the extent he could sponsor football league in the prison. Families lost their loved ones; men paid the ultimate price Nnamdi Kanu ran to Israel instead of stand. He broke his oath of no retreat and no surrender; he broke his oaths of going on exile and cannot be said to be man enough. Uwazurike stood his ground; he didn’t run irrespective of the fact he was released conditionally as Kanu was released conditionally. Innocent Orji took the suffering of being in detention for 10 years instead of accept conditions for his release; that is being man enough! Innocent Orji did not go to exile; Kanu is the only new Biafran leader to run to exile.

Without Biafra; Nnamdi Kanu will still be on the streets of London as the chairman of APGA London branch or a Nigerian activist fighting for Nigeria. He won’t have a better life than he has today and that is more of the reason he delved into hi-tech farm and road construction, a consolidating act. He won’t fight for Biafra again because he is afraid of dying; he can’t speak the language the zoo understands because he is so rich that he can’t risk his life again. Little wonder saboteurs could not let him fight again (Oji Ngbagbu yaru ogu); he was in Israel planning, suddenly, he migrated to UK and from there to his family and everything will die off. God forbid! A comforter is on the way!

The bottom is; Nnamdi Kanu gained everything on the platter of gold, he gained everything with mouth, he did not show quarter of everything he told or assured us. Radio Biafra was everything he could offer; the war, the zoo will fall, it is Biafra or death, no retreat and no surrender, Biafra or nothing ended on his lips, just lips, just words and we fell for words, nothing but words. The chips were down when Operation Python Dance attacked; yes, our leader was killed (Hidden). If he was ever serious; that was the right time to probe Nigerian government. But he was not ready; all his eyes were on hi-tech farm, contracts in a humanitarian guise. Chai; man can never stop being man!

Except words through radio Biafra that transcended to awareness which social media we all championed played a higher role; Nnamdi Kanu offered absolutely nothing but gained everything with Biafra that today; he can stay in exile to rant he wants to bring hi-tech farms, construct our roads, employ us and rehabilitate us; he has the effrontery to mock us with such gifts because we allowed ourselves to be controlled by the love we have for Biafra. For the meantime; we want nothing else but Biafra, to hell with farms and constructions, we didn’t die for any of those things.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Abuja



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