Biafra is the kingdom of God on earth; that is the belief of members and proponents of Biafra and they have also said the spiritual aspect of Biafra is much more than the physical aspect. His Excellency; Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu shared this sentiment when he was alive; in his chronicle of the indestructibility of Biafra, he cited the spiritual aspect of Biafra as one thing that kept it alive and going when every physical action against Biafra was worthy of its death.

Christian prayer warriors have many groups in Biafra and their job is to pray for the restoration of Biafra; they also have traditional believers who consult and offer sacrifices unto God for His mercy and restoration of Biafra. They have the Jewish believers who fast and pray; they offer sacrifices unto God, all to turn His face and look upon them. Biafra is a secular state where the leaders have different religions; Uwazurike is a Christian, while Nnamdi Kanu is a Jewish believer. Uchemefor is a Christian whilst Ben Onwuka is a Traditionist; this goes on with Ekwenche and many leaders.

A segment of the agitators who believe in traditional religion burnt the Bible (Christian’s Holy Book) last year in what was believed to be a protest against Christianity. Recently; the leader of IPOB declared Biafra a Jewish state, a declaration that didn’t go down well with the people because of the diverse religions in Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu has shown signs of dictatorship in the past when he excommunicated leaders within the leadership rank of IPOB and recently forcing his religion on the people without consultations.

This column takes a look at what some prophets have said and are saying about Nnamdi Kanu. In 2016 when the agitation was at its peak; many prophets spoke about the agitation, some said Biafra will be restored while some said it would not be restored. Some spoke about Nnamdi Kanu who is championing the agitation. There were prophets on the side of Nnamdi Kanu but almost all the prophets have said Nnamdi Kanu is not the chosen one to restore Biafra. Despite the divine counsels and prophesies; the people of Biafra have faith in Kanu but most of them said they are waiting for the chosen one before they can leave Kanu.

Pastor Iginla

When Nnamdi Kanu’s home was raided and he disappeared, Pastor Iginla prophesied that the second coming of Nnamdi Kanu will be deadly. He said he saw blood and that there would come a time the government would beg for negotiation but won’t get it. He further urged the government to negotiate with Biafra agitators before time runs out on them because what is coming will be immense.

Nnamdi Kanu later reappeared and what seems to be a failed prophecy was when Nnamdi Kanu said it is election boycott and his civil disobedience. He continued to beg for referendum or election will be boycotted in Biafra land. Nnamdi Kanu earlier on said he would come back with hell only to change subject and started discussing Buhari and other things that have nothing to do with Biafra restoration. The prophecy failed woefully.

Unknown Prophet

A video went viral of a prophet who said Kanu is coming back with fire and brim stone; the prophet who was not known but the prophecy gave him much needed publicity. The prophecy came a time anticipation was high and people waiting for response over the murder of innocent people by Nigerian army that raided Nnamdi Kanu’s home.

Nnamdi Kanu came back and lied initially that he will come back with hell only to show his true nature the following broadcast where he said its referendum or no election and confirmed his willingness to continue with civil disobedience. He has gone on to deescalate by shifting from the restoration agitation to starting up hi-tech farms, constructing roads, employing the people and rehabilitating them in what is more a consolidation than determined agitation. The prophecy failed woefully.

Enugu Based Prophet Nwoko

Last year; I received a call from the prophet who used to be staunch supporter of Nnamdi Kanu but could not make it for his press briefing. Nwoko is part and parcel of Biafra restoration project; giving the needed spiritual boost and help but recently he spoke about Nnamdi Kanu. In a series of press statements released to the public; Nwoko seemed to have taken a swipe and declared God is angry with Nnamdi Kanu.

Nwoko noted Nnamdi Kanu has sinned and offended God; as such he is going nowhere and may get into trouble if he doesn’t hands off Biafra. Nwoke complained that Kanu refused to heed the counsel of heaven and have misled the people to embrace idols and led them into unholy path and as such God has left him. In quote he said “Kanu is a play boy; he has nothing to offer, he cannot restore Biafra”

Prophet Ayodele

The prophet who is the founder INRI Evangelical Church said that Biafra will be restored but Nnamdi Kanu will not lead the restoration, although, he didn’t say who would lead the charge for the restoration of Biafra. He went further to predicting the year Biafra will be restored but the people of Biafra opposed the prophecy.

Apostle Patrice Ekeke-Yahuda

Apostle Patrice Ekeke-Yahuda is the author of ‘UPON THE WATCH’ an online column that releases counsel and prophesies to world leaders. The column specializes in directing leaders and telling them the mind of God. Followers of ‘Upon The Watch’ has confessed no prophecy on upon the watch has failed to come to fruition.

Recently; he released a prophetic counsel titled ‘The Leveler Is Coming’ the prophecy highlighted that somebody that will finally restore Biafra will take over from Nnamdi Kanu and he said it shall be through the door of conflict. His prophecy put the final nail on the coffin. He had spent years guiding Kanu until he declared God revealed to him Kanu has sabotaged Biafra.

Prophet Suleiman

The prophet is the founder or Omega Fire Ministries and in one of his notable prophesies, he said that Nnamdi Kanu will be disgraced locally and internationally. The prophecy partially came to fruition when Nnamdi Kanu and his family were disgraced out of the palace but gained international succor in Israel. The wider belief that Kanu sabotaged Biafra may wrap up the disgrace.

High Priest Ralph Eze

The priest is one of the early people that started the agitation for the restoration of Biafra and he has been releasing prophecies. He spoke about Nnamdi Kanu after he noted over the years that somebody would take over from Uwazurike. He indicated that Nnamdi Kanu is the person but while in detention; he met Nnamdi Kanu and told him God said his mission has come to an end. He further said he told Nnamdi Kanu that many people will follow him but he should be careful because he has nothing else to offer again.

Indigenous Priests

Onyinyechukwu Ezeosika started a campaign which brought Indigenous believers together when Nnamdi Kanu succumbed to Jewish faith. Many of the indigenous believers have consulted Dibias and after consultation indicated that Nnamdi Kanu cannot restore Biafra. The one I was opportune to witness said another group is coming to finally restore Biafra and that Nnamdi Kanu’s mission has ended.

Prophesies are to guide the people but when members of IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu wake up and say all the prophets hate them because God gave a message they didn’t like, then you know they have gone mad because the gods want to kill them. No single known prophet or prophesy supports or testifies Nnamdi Kanu; they said God has abandoned him.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



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