Dear Leader;

You have said saboteurs shall not live to see Biafra; even if they see Biafra, they will not be alive to enjoy our dear nation. You speak evil against saboteurs, you talk tough and sincerely but you are the real saboteur. You live a lie and you know you don’t sleep because your lies haunt you every night. You shout saboteurs’ everyday because you have used saboteurs as excuse for failing to confront Nigeria after many fraudulent oaths you took on fraudulent Radio Biafra London. But before I die in your hands; let me write this piece of letter to you. When your Biafra comes; you will select or point out your saboteurs and kill, oh supreme leader above the law, may your days be long. Take time and go through this letter if pride would let you; no matter your rants, the end will justify the means. Should saboteurs restore Biafra; disgrace shall be yours forever and ever and then shall you know only God Almighty is the supreme leader of the people of Biafra.

I became a saboteur simply because of my immeasurable love for Biafra but I am unapologetic; irrespective of the obvious fact that saboteurs of this period want Biafra restored more than you do; I still appreciate you for what you have made of our people. Ojukwu’s time; saboteurs work for the enemy and oppose Biafra restoration but thank you so much for making our people see any advice you don’t like as sabotage, thank you for making them see anyone ready to ask questions as saboteur, thank you for making them hate Omiomio, Clifford Iroanya, Emma Mmezu…. men that helped you got where you became a tiger than can turn and devour those that fed you. I was one of the proponents of this hate but out of investigation; I found out these men only wanted the best for our people and they gave their best. I quickly ended that hate; that was why I did not use this column to project your calculated effort to be absolute. This column reacted just once when I wrote on the topic “DID I HEAR SOME PEOPLE BETRAYED NNAMDI KANU”. Today; I have become a saboteur because I demanded you to implement everything you said; the vows you made to be redeemed and the oaths you took to be fulfilled. Mad…. mad people everywhere, incapable of reasoning….

It has now become clearer that saboteurs of your time tried to sabotage hi-tech farming, road constructions, rehabilitations and employment, something that will spell an end to Biafra restoration. Let me tell you in clear terms; I want nothing but Biafra, independence is all I want and not hi-tech farming, rehabilitation, road construction or getting employment, if I get Biafra today, I will have employment, I will be rehabilitated, hi-tech framing will be minor project and road construction will be huge. I cannot be a slave and construct roads for my slave masters, I cannot start hi-tech farming under slavery, I cannot construct the roads Nigerian army will ply their armored thanks to kill me and I cannot get employed in my occupied land, Biafra is a better employment, we must get the job done, it is Biafra or absolutely nothing, please, walk to hell with your hi-tech farming, road construction, rehabilitation and employment. The big news is I am a proud saboteur and not only will I sabotage hi-tech farming, road construction, rehabilitation and employment; I will sabotage every effort you are making to neutralize Biafra agitation by consolidation.

My leader; have you forgotten that the sorry state of Nigeria is a driving factor for our people in this agitation? Have you forgotten that the reason we agitate for Biafra is to have a better life and future; when we get hi-tech farms, get rehabilitated, get roads and get employed without sovereignty, have we not gotten what we ask for through Biafra? You have presented hi-tech farms, road construction, rehabilitation and employment as alternative to Biafra but leader, I will sabotage this wicked plan, and I will not only be a saboteur in this life but my next life. There is no alternative to Biafra; I don’t need your Greek gifts; take them back to whoever gave them to you, tell them all I want is Biafra, tell them a saboteur said all he wants is Biafra, tell them if they cannot give Biafra, they should join you in the walk to hell, be them Jewish businessmen or Jewish farmers, employers, rehabilitators and construction engineers, tell them is Biafra or they join your walk to hell.

You have done a great surgery to the psyche of our people that they stupidly shout saboteur when you are confronted and shaken to wake up from your slumber. You have done a great job; I was only fooled to have believed everything you said that convinced me to be here. When people release your podcast; I do ask myself if you have ever tried to listen to everything you vowed. Had you taken time to listen to yourself; you would admit without further delay that not only you lied but tricked us into a project you know you will never do. Lucky Dube asked your type; do you even sleep each time you walk into your closet knowing you are living a lie. I have taken time to listen to everything you said and how Biafra will be restored; great speech but poor act; your cowardice is without measure!

In 2016; I watched innocent youths gave up their lives, they receive live bullets with every pride they could muster, while we took cover listening to your popular quote which says “Unless the flag is raised or am lowered to the grave” they took that same vow and stood their ground, our heroes died. They did not die because of hi-tech farms, they cannot be rehabilitated, they cannot get employed and neither can they get a car to ply on the roads you want to construct but can only get justice and hero status. We can only pay them back when Biafra is restored and their blood is on your head because you betrayed them and didn’t do all you vowed that motivated them…farud! Hence you didn’t do everything you vowed; every oath you took to do what you today betrayed, not only will the spirit of Biafra disgrace you, you may not partake of this kingdom of God.

A saboteur is writing this letter to you; the saboteur is saying, we agreed to destroy Nigeria and not to do hi-tech farming, we agreed that no living thing will be left in the zoo and not constructs roads in the zoo, we agreed Somalia will be better than the zoo, you can check, Somalia has not hi-tech farms, they are not rehabilitated, there is no employment and neither constructed roads. You cannot destroy Nigeria with truth because you mouth led to the destruction of our youths with AK47. Nigeria destroys us with guns; you destroy them with mouth, you must be hallucinating. I am a saboteur and I can reason; isn’t my ability to reason what made me a saboteur? Isn’t Clifford Iroanya, Emma Mmezu, Omiomio’s ability to challenge you and debate you, healthily oppose to the betterment of our people, the reason you character assassinated them? Today; you have your way, you say a word, mugus following your fear to engage you in a debate, you say we will vote in Ebonyi, they shout follow order, you say is now farming, they say follow order, everybody is now afraid to say no, we are here only for Biafra.

Leader; let me finally remind you, you cannot play this game forever because the time has come for Biafra. The time of de prophesy has come and this is the major reason you will be disgraced and made to face judgment. Uwazurike was once on that seat; everything he says happens but today, he is somewhere he cannot speak. Gbagbo just got released from ICC; he was once where he says and it comes to pass. You might say oh; I founded this Radio Biafra, I am the leader and it belongs to me, nobody tells me what to do and nobody talks to me, but a time is coming when we shall remind you that you are answerable to us the people and not the people answerable to you. Enjoy it while it last because the end is nigh!

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



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