“I Will Never Rent My House To Igbo People” – Nigerian Lady Makes Shocking Revelations


Twitter user says she never rents her house to Igbo people because they are disrespectful and lack maintenance culture. In a Twitter conversation about rent, landlords and tenants in Lagos, a lady boldly made it known that she doesn’t rent her property to Igbo people or widows.

The first tweet that made the conversation:

“First time I tried to get an office in Benin City, I was rejected by a landlord because I was single and had single young men working with me. He had young teenage daughters. Have you suffered housing discrimination as a young man in Nigeria? Please answer the poll below.

Then people replied:

@asemota I had concluded with agent…brought my cheque to pay and was told landlord wanted to rent property to only expatriates….a few years later when I met the agent at the airport waiting to board, he confessed the real reason…Landlord found out I was ibo and wouldn’t rent to me.

@asemota I have experienced such discrimination in Ibadan. House owners refuse to give out houses (2 or 3 bedroom flats, that is) to Single men, claiming that only married men with families, are responsible. I don’t know about protecting teenage daughters.



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