2019 presidency: Buhari does not recognize his aides by names, doesn’t know what’s going on around him


A senior Pastor of the Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Gospel Church in Akure, Pastor Adewale Giwa on Friday said President Muhammadu Buhari has stopped functioning well since he returned from the United Kingdom medical vacation last year.

Giwa, who stated this in a statement to DAILY POST, said he was not surprised to see President Buhari not answering questions correctly or responding effectively while talking or asking him to do something.

President Buhari, who is running for re-election in February next month, spent five months in British hospital last year and was being treated for an undisclosed ailment.

However, Pastor Giwa said, ” President Buhari doesn’t recognize his political associates by names. It is just unfortunate that the majority of Nigerians don’t pay attention at all.

“Buhari has ceased to be responding well after his trip from the UK. You can see some people doubting his identity and all that. The person is in Aso rock is Buhari, but he does not know what is going on around him anymore.

“Some hypocrites who do not want to loose their positions are the ones stage- managing the president. Should we continue this way?

“Nigeria, in all comity of nations should not be witnessing this embarrassment. Some African nations under Nigeria are now making jest of us.

“I have always said it that we don’t need Buhari or Atiku to govern Nigeria. All we need is to start at fresh with a vibrant and young Nigeria.

“The old generation must go before we can achieve positive results in the country.”



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