Is This How APC Will Rule Us? You Won’t Believe What Osinbajo Just Caused In Warri?


A man identified as Samuel took to Facebook to share photos of how Warri Sapele road was blocked today because of Osinbajo’s visit to Delta.According to him,people were forced to trek long distances,leaving their cars and more at military blockades.He wrote…


This is the ever busy Warri Sapele road, main market axis. People are forced to trek long distances, leaving their cars, keke and bikes at military blockades.

Other roads like Airport road, Osubi road, Deco road, Robert road, Avenue etc were also affected.

How can you shutdown an entire town for a whole day without prior notice or alternative route for road users just because a seating VP is visiting.

If you are not good at trekking and you leave within Warri and its environs, take my advice, better seat at home. Otherwise, you go trek belle full. As I dey type this message, my eyes don see my ears’.



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