Man Utd fans name 10 players who must follow Mourinho out of the exit door


Manchester United fans have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions, and they are reacting to Jose Mourinho’s sacking on our forums.



The list of players to keep is much shorter!


Where do you start..

In order of how quickly they should be bombed out

1 Rojo – his last display was disgusting
2 Valencia – a major cause of how slow we are in attack
3 McTominay – absolute dog shite
4 Darmian – no future at club – would rather have TFM as back up
5 Matic – past it for me,was good most of last season but a cause of our poor performance this season
6 Jones – overstayed welcome
7 Lingard – I never want to see a misplaced pass in a counter attack again – crap
8 Smalling – not good enough but to be fair hasn’t been too bad this season
9 Fellaini – never wanted him but give his due hes put a shift in when required
10 Young – Not the future but I have warmed to him, puts maximum effort in and often shines in a bad side

I’d like to say Lukaku as he has been worse than Young, Fellaini etc but I hope that he will pick up with new manager and Pogba hate him for all whats gone on and that disrespectful tweet but he is a talented player and if he got his head down and just played footy he would be an asset


Ah there’s 2 ways of looking at this. Players we want to move on because they are the worst OR players we would sell because, whilst they are not the worst, we could get decent money for so it makes sense to sell them while we still can. Pogba being a possible example.

What list do you want ?

@zico – This is how Jones has been at the club so long. When it comes to making an exit list, he’s hiding under the radar in the physio’s room.


I’d split it both ways Mac to be honest:
Those that are too shit to stay:
1. Rojo
2. Jones
3. Darmian
4. Matic
5. Valencia
6. McTomminay

Those that haven’t shown the right attitude or we can get good money for:
1. Pogba
2. Sanchez
3. Lingard
4. Bailly

I’d throw the cat amongst the pigeons here and suggest De Gea too, he’s been at the club for over seven years now, should be very much a senior player and yet displays no leadership whatsoever. He’s not a busted flush but he could improve on many levels in my opinion. If we got £100+ million for him we could get Oblak or someone similar who knows how to organise their defence.


I have said it before, there is not one single player that I would not sell for the right money BUT if you wanted just 10 for starters I would go,

I have deliberately omitted Valencia, Young, Mata and McTominay from my list because their ages and contractual situations mean that they won’t be here for many more years if any, so are not too much of a problem for future seasons.


Imagine thinking Solsjaer would do a better job against PSG than Jose! Ha ha.
2 wins in 18 as a Premier League manager. Looking forward to seeing his tactical nouse pitted against Europe’s finest. Perhaps he can get the miserable french wankers to start playing football, stop Jones scoring own goals, get fred into the team and make Bailly string more than 2 games of football together.
What a weird time to sack Jose. Making his contract extension all the more stupid. He signed 11 players and sold 4 in his time in charge vs the absolute player roundabouts over at City and liverpool. Unless something drastically changes at the club the next manager will be destined to fail as well.


I expect Solskjaer would have to be off the charts successful to land the job full-time. Top 4 and latter stages of CL, maybe fa Cup win as well. Which given the current situation is an unlikely outcome.
I think more likely that he’ll return to Molde in May with hopefully his reputation enhanced (top 4 maybe, playing decent football).
The absolute key here is that the footballing structure of the club is reviewed and changed to be in line, if not ahead of modern practice. We should be the industry leader that everyone looks to, like we are on the commercial side.


Its not easy for aspiring young managers when their first jobs are with struggling clubs. How would Jose have done managing a relegation threatened small club? He would not have been able to buy top players would he. He’d have to use his tactical nous and man management skills to get the best out of poor-average players. And we know he hasn’t had much success doing that here. But I guess his park the bus and hoof it up to Fellaini tactic would suit relegation strugglers to a tee.

Here you are knocking Ole but if he were appointed permanent manager you’d flip in a heartbeat to sing his praises. A key reason Ole was able to make such an impact from the bench was because while on the bench he studied the other teams moves and weaknesses.

You knock other teams for having a high turnover of players but that is exactly what is required. You sign somebody and if he doesn’t look like making it you get rid and replace asap. Your way is the job-for-life way where players are given chance after chance and end up spending the almost a decade at the club till you lose “patience” and see the light.


I think Sunday showed that there can be no doubt about the difference in class now between Liverpool and Utd. They probably waited to see if we made it through the CL group. If we didn’t he would have been sacked then (less to pay out). We progressed though, so kept him on, but that defeat on Sunday must have been the last straw.


It did end up in tears as i said from day one when appointing Mourinho.
is Blanc the interim manager? I really hope so,this can be very good.
Happy days are here again.


I rather see that we pay 22.5M to Mourinho, then buying a 50+M for another defender while Mourinho is still sitting on the bench!! Money well spend. Surely a good timing, so we could re-focus to re-build United, we might have a chance against PSG now!!

I am curious about the new interim manager. Blanc would be a good solution, maybe Mckeena, wouldn’t be a bad idea. At least someone who wants to play attacking football and bring the confidence back to the squad. 48hrs and then we know.


They have said it will be someone from outside the club, so Blanc would be a good shout. Solskaer is also being touted.

Be interesting to see what happens in January as we all know we need players but will the club give funds to an interim manager?


Thank God! He has finally answered my prayers. Now let the players entertain us and get some positivity back at the club. What a fantastic Christmas gift!

Would love to see our best young players blended into the first team whilst getting rid of the dead wood. Now that would be exciting!


Agreed with above. Get DoF/technical director in asap. Then being in a manager who is on the same wavelength as and happy to work under the DoF. Unfortunately I can’t see us buying OR selling anybody in Jan. Hope I’m proved wrong though


Of course the way contract pay outs are managed these days, we are unlikely to get JMs side of the story for some time, save for odd nuggets from sources here and there. While his departure was both inevitable and necessary, it doesnt mask some horrible truths that still pertain:
– Woodward has completely overstepped the boundaries of CEO by purporting to be head Coach/Chief scout in “identifying” what players should be bought, irrespective of what thr manager thinks
– Woodwards management of player contracts including the retention of crocks and serial underperformers, has spannef the last 10 years and 4 different managers
– Woodwards failure to introduce a cohesive technical strategy and structure on the footballing side has resulted in significant compensation pay outs to 3 managrrs, huge salaries and fees paid out on players who have not got either the quality or character to play for this club, and out regression from top 4 certainties to top 6 wanbabes


It’s incredible what’s gone on since I last posted here. Unfortunately my prediction for the Liverpool game was spot on followed by Mourinho’s sacking, and several PR disasters such as mistimed managerial announcements and Pogba’s ridiculous “caption this” social media post. To be honest the whole thing feels like a proper circus act at the minute but we can at least have a bit of hope moving forward now that the axe has inevitably fallen on Jose.

Mourinho’s sacking is quite sad for me. It’s clear he lost the dressing room and one can’t help but wonder what could have been if the manager and players were able to put the badge first and get the business done. The constant squabbling was embarrassing. In any case the writing was on the wall for Jose and thank goodness his tenure is over. I wish him well, he really needs to take a break from football and to sort out how he wants to approach football moving forward. His tactical and man management issues stem from him and he will have to adapt if he is to recapture the glory of his early career.

Moving on, I am quite interested in seeing what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can do with our playing squad from here onwards, he’s a wildcard appointment and I hope he does well – hopefully my all time favourite player can do a job for us again.

The main concern I have is what Woodward is doing behind the scenes. He is clueless and needs to put a Director of Football in place. I fear the board and Woodward himself are missing the obvious fact that he doesn’t know anything about running a successful football club and should get someone in who knows his football.

One thing for certain is that the players now no longer have anywhere to hide and they better realize that Mourinho was an easy target for fans and pundits alike – Solskjaer is a very likeable man and a fan favourite – the players will not get an easy ride moving forward and rightfully so.



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