Man shoots dead thief who stole his Mercedes at a car wash, tried to run him over and then crashed through the wall of an Office Depot


Cell phone footage showed the aftermath of a deadly shooting and car crash in Miami Beach, Florida.

Stephen Lott, 48, the owner of the white Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV can be seen on the ground attempting to explain himself to police on the scene Tuesday morning after he shot a car thief, according to WPLG News.

‘He tried to run me over,’ Lott calls out while prone in front of officers. ‘You know who I am, I am not a threat.’

Stephen Lott (shown) lay flat on the ground awaiting authorities after shooting a suspected car thief who tried to take his SUV in Miami

When the camera shows the crash site, the luxury vehicle is embedded in the wall of an Office Depot building and the right front wheel still spinning. The alleged thief was still in the driver’s seat.

The driver of the vehicle was later taken to the Jackson Memorial Hospital and died from his injuries. Police did not identify the man who Lott contends tried to steal his ride.

‘It’s believed the Mercedes was being detailed and someone got in the truck and drove off,’ Officer Ernesto Rodriguez, a Miami Beach police spokesman, said according to the Miami Herald. ‘The owner (Lott) sees what’s happening and discharges his firearm.’

Stephen Lott was cuffed by police after the incident. He was eventually interviewed and released

The white Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV plowed through a power pole and slammed into the side of an Office Depot after the driver was shot by Lott

The chaotic exchange occurred in a busy commercial area of Miami Beach on 18th Street where the car wash that Lott had taken his SUV sits across the street from the office supply retailer.

Extricating the man in the SUV also took some extra time since the Mercedes plowed into a power pole requiring cops to hold off until workers from Florida Power & Light could arrive to shut off the current.

After being cuffed, Lott was interviewed by investigators regarding the shooting, which his lawyer maintains was justified, WPLG reports.

Authorities say they are still reviewing the evidence to determine if any charges should be filed.

Police had to wait until Florida Power & Light was able to turn off the current before they could safely extract the driver

After police were able to get the driver, he was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he died from his injuries. He remains unidentified

The owner of the SUV still contends that shooting the car thief (shown) was justified



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