My husband has been very cruel to me lately and I cheated with his brother who lives with us. Am I a bad person for doing this?


Gustavo Tovar

32. Married. Couples and dating advisor

6w ago

Bad person, good person, that’s irrelevant. What you did was being Unfaithful. You might have your reasons, but they actually don’t matter to the whole situation and it won’t matter to your husband. You broke the promise you made when you married, you broke the trust and respect of your relationship. Why you did It’s not important for anyone else but yourself.

Yes, It’s just as you read it. The must important thing now is that YOU understand WHY you cheat on him, and then ask yourself why will you want to be with someone you can cheat on so easily (and with his brother, That’s adding insult to injury)

If you understand that, then you know what you have to do now. Do not think of anything else but what you know and what you are going to do. The rest (and everyone else) don’t matter.

Jessie Saleh

Been there, done that

6w ago

Omg; listen there are two type of cheaters. Those who are in positions of power and have no one to say no to them, and those that lack intimacy in their own relationships, so they seek it elsewhere.

Neither of them are excused for cheating, however.

You cheated on your husband, I can see that you’ve been having issues lately, but you still cheated. You took the easy way out, or rather you covered up your relationship problem by sleeping with his brother! Instead of just dealing with whatever issue your husband and you are having.

You have communication issues, this is passive aggressive behavior. People don’t typically restore to this, unless they are scared of opening up about their true feelings for whatever reason.

You can’t undo what you did, however you need to take a hard look at your marriage. If you just can’t open up about whatever is bothering you, then you’ll continue cheating on your husband or doing other forms of passive aggressive behavior to get back at him, and naturally he will never understand how you feel if you don’t plain out confront him about what’s bothering you!

This doesn’t seem like the means to a happy marriage. You’ll just continue hurting each other and this is toxic. It’s better to call it quits, then to continue wasting your life in a toxic relationship.

Swasini Sudarsan

studied at University of Toronto

6w ago

An eye for an eye results in the whole world going blind

You cheated on your husband because you wanted to. Him being cruel to you can’t be the sole motivation behind your action. If he acted cruel to you, there are a lot of ways by which you could have come out of an abusive relationship.

I am no one to judge your actions nor does anyone else have the right to do so. Remember, character is what you are and what you do when nobody is watching.

Chris Schapdick

People are complicated.

6w ago

You are not a bad person but, you did the wrong thing.

I don’t know what your husband did that you describe as being cruel. I also don’t know what the dynamic between the two of you is. Going outside of your relationship to seek some comfort, retribution, solace, etc. is not the right path though.

Fix what you need to fix with your husband or move on if that can’t be fixed. Cheating with your husband’s brother is not going to resolve any issues you have with your husband.

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