END Time! Celestial Pastor, Prophet Tibetan Attacks Bishop Oyedepo (Video)


In Nigeria anything and everything is possible. there seems to be underground war amongs the bishops, pastors and prophets in Nigeria and it’s not ending anytime soon as Spiritual leader of the Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish, Prophet Marcus Korede Tibetan has attacked the founder of Living Faith church, Bishop David Oyedepo over his am ‘dangerously wealthy’ claim. Oyedepo made some claims last week about being dangerously wealthy and not receiving money from any government officials or any loot money and this has not gone down with many Nigerians

Prophet Tibetan during an interview said Bishop Oyedepo has put some of his private jets on sale because his members are reducing and that he’s also complaining about the parking charges. He added that people are now cleaver and wiser ,hence, there is no free money for the Bishop.

Nollywood actress, Shan George shared the video on Instagarm expressing her displeasure over such comment from a well respected man of God

Watch the video below:

Prophet Tibetan known for some of his controversial statements in 2015 said the incumbent President then , Goodluck Jonathan will be disgraced in the upcoming elections. The Prophet also warned that there might be consequences if Gen. Buhari assumes office by May 2015, stating that the APC Presidential candidate may die during the four-year tenure.

Read the interview below:

Sir, there is so much anxiety in the political landscape and 2015 is already pregnant with fears, as a seer and an anointed prophet of God, what should we expect in 2015?

God said in the book of Genesis Chapter 1, ‘Let there be light and there was light’. It is the people’s voice that will prevail. God does have any special thing for 2015 but the more I stop telling you lies, that is when we will know peace in our house. The country has no middle class and only low class, the levelers and the people up there who have the long spoons. When they stop digging their long spoons into the federal purse, then we can have a peaceful 2015. But if this fraud is not stopped, the people will be in danger.

They are going to devalue the naira three times before March and this is an agreement between an insiders in Nigeria and some foreign economic hawks. I am talking of Okonjo Iweala, she knows about it. She is looking for ways to run away.

I guess his prophesies came to pass afterall



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