Widow enters the grave of murdered husband to stop his burial


A father-in-law forces his son's wife out of his grave to ensure that he is buried.

In Kenya, a widow Mary Wangari has entered the grave of her husband Edward Mwangi in a bid to prevent his burial.

According to many reports, the woman jumps into the pit while a pastor gives a sermon. She does this in protest of Mwangis’ death.

The latter is killed on Monday, December 3, 2018, after getting stabbed in the chest by a rival who reportedly been released by the police.

His corpse is retrieved from a farm located close to his residence in Bahati.

Kenya’s Standard News confirms that he died after getting overpowered by a man he attacked with two others.

“The three went to the suspect’s house at night, one of them armed with a knife. They attacked him but he overpowered them and snatched the weapon. Two of them fled to safety,” says a report by the Standard.

Daniel Mwea, identified as the father of the deceased soon orders her to removed from the grave to ensure the burial is completed.



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