If America is faced with a joint attack from Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and the ISIS, how can it guarantee its survival?


Vansh Tak

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14w ago

Out of all countries no one wants to do war because all they are interdependent on each other PEOPLE THINK THAT CHINA IS MORE POWERFUL BUT IT IS NOT. If every country stops doing trade with China definitely they will go to deficit they are Right nowin surplus because of the trade with U.S, India, JAPAN etc if war will happened than China will economic conditions goes in -ve and they will goes 50 years back in development

Right now China is just creating situation like war to INCREASE THERE ECONOMY If they are creating such situation than all small countries come closer to china for protection and that way China playing games so don’t worry China wont do war they are PLAYING with the mind of people…. They just want dominance in over all countries that what they are doing… TAKE EXAMPLE OF SRILANKA

James Shannon

United States Navy

14w ago

As contentious as the US is with certain nations, the vast majority of those nations cannot survive economically without US trade. The global economy is a large factor in the 21st century, equally if not more important than geopolitics and military first. Therefore I would eliminate the 2 largest countries (Russia and China) from that equation.

China. As unfair and lopsided as the trade is, the trade surplus gained by China is absolutely necessary to their economy. Without it, the Chinese economy would collapse. A lot of talk is made about China holding US debt but debt is necessary for doing business. The more serious matter is that the US is China’s number 1 customer. War, would undoubtedly make the customer relationship go away. China would not survive a fiscal quarter without its US trade relationship. Why doesn’t China reclaim Taiwan? After all it still claims that legally the land belongs to the PRC. China won’t invade Taiwan merely because of military deterrence, the factor of losing trade with the US over Taiwan is too much for China to swallow. Taiwan is not worth it.

Russia. While Russia’s trade surplus with the US is ten time the China/US partnership, it is still considerable. Not to mention that China (propped up by US trade) is one of Russia’s biggest trading partners. Aside from China, Europe and Japan make up the totality of Russian trade. All of that would go away in a war with the US.

The only way that China or Russia would go to war with the US is if that trade was dangled or removed punitively and then there would be nothing left to lose. That is the Japan June 1941 scenario, something the US is very aware of, and something that it goes to great lengths to avoid in retrospect.

ISIS? Who cares, honestly?

Iran? They don’t have the balls. Their hegemony is based in ideology, the vast majority of their influence is merely talk, the rest is instigation behind the scenes.


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14w ago

It would be WW3 , as the US is part of NATO, which brings a lot of other countries into any conflict.

However, I can’t see Russia and China joining with ISIS and trying to destroy the world including themselves.

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