Can Biafra become a separate entity from Nigeria?


Stephen Boyo


7w ago

Yes if Nigerians agree to split up. Right now the answer is no. Anyway the territory claimed by Biafra is disputable. Maybe it would be better to call it the Democratic Republic of Igboland, because the Igbos who support the Biafran cause often include other ethnicities who are not Igbos like non Igbos of the Niger Delta, Akwa Ibom and Cross River states. One wonders why? But the answer is access to the Atlantic coast and the Niger Delta’s oil and gas resources, without which a purely Igbo country will not survive a day. The Igbo Biafran leaders know that they will be completely surrounded by Nigeria who will stiffle them economically so they try to co-opt other non Igbo ethnic groups in their cause but the problem is that those groups notably the Ijaws, Effik-ibibios, Urhobo-Isoko, Itsekiri and Edos are not interested in being part of Biafra and should Nigerians agree to split up those groups will likely want to form independent nations of their own or be part of other alliances. Generally most non Igbos will not trust an alliance which will leave them at the mercy of one dominant partner the Igbos, who will dominate by sheer force of numbers.

Should Nigeria agree to split what will emerge will be something more along the lines of

Republic of Biafra – consisting of Igboland only

A Cross River Republic – Cross River and Akwa Ibom states

A Bendel Republic – Edo and Delta states

Niger-Delta Republic – Rivers and Bayelsa states

A Yoruba Republic – Western Nigeria

Republic of Northern Nigeria – provided other non-Hausa-Fulani ethnicities agree to be part of it and don’t wage their own wars of independence

These are the most viable entities that can survive a split. The Nigeria of today is very different from that of the 60s. Most non Igbos in the ‘South South’ are now acutely aware of the how their resources have been exploited by the 3 major ethnic groups, leaving their lands impoverished, polluted and underdeveloped despite the oil and gas wealth leeched from their lands. So they would feel more comfortable governing themselves with their own resources.

Obviously this is all a pipe dream as one believes Nigerians are happy to live with eachother in peace.

Ezechi Nnabugwu

Audio Engineer, Sound Editing etc at G Q Acoustics (2007-present)

6w ago

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Legally yes, Biafra can be a separate entity. But practically, I really don’t see that happening. I may be wrong but i know that forces trying to advance the enthronement of Biafra as a free state is less than what is pulling them apart.

I must conceed that the fight for Biafra is reasonable. If you live in the south east and knows what is going on you will understand. A lot of people dismiss the course as stupid and baseless and describes the agitators as a bunch hoodrats who are just jobless. I wish it were so, Biafra wouldn’t keep coming up. Patio vtvtg vv

The reason for the agitation of Biafra is deep and wide. It goes right to the core of the problem with Nigeria. The way Nigeria is structured and is being run is faulty ab-initio. The fault runs deep from the root. Only a kind of restructuring that recognizes that the bigger entities needs and should protect and allow the smaller entities to express themselves will work.

Biafra does not need to secede for the balance of power to occur in the Nigerian polity. The way things are going; the agitations, the bickerings, the acrimony and the bitterness being felt throughout the space begs for nothing but restructuring. If we restructure and each federating units becomes independent, we will have peace. Biafran agitation will lack any bite. It might not even arise.

But as things are today, the federal government is the all in all. Everyone depends on the center for her survival. So the presidency has the power to rule and overrule as it deems fit. Some state are practically beggers, and this stems to an extent from lack of imagination and pragmatism from the leaders of such states.

No Nigerian leader will like to be the one under whom Nigeria was balkanized. Me and you know that Buhari won’t allow it. Not even an Igbo president. One of the main reason is because allowing Biafra to go will make it possible for other unit to start agitating for their own freedom too. And to be sincere, no one knows where and how that will end. Better don’t start what you might not be able to control. The national assembly who is supposed to be the one to get things moving in the first place is totally distracted, mostly divided and are perenially at war with the executive over things that lacks substance.

Biafran agitators are up against formidable forces. I wish them luck.

Atajite Ausa

Lover of history and political theorising

5w ago

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No as most of the main agitators for it are crude speaking people which is to say they insult automatically anyone that disagrees with them and unlike Boko haram they are trying to form a state and one with no access to the sea like BH meaning if they seced peacefully then Nigeria would block ade them economically and Cameroon is likely to help with that now if it is a violent secession Nigeria will most likely bomb Biafa to nonexistnce add this to the fact that The land known as Biafra is not as homogeneous as many think and even within its majority ethnic group their is discrimination meaning it would likely collapse within a couple years from wars as a state that has a population thaat is filled with hubris against its own citizens I’e igala ibibo etc.. Will have them go against it just as in the civil war when in which Biafra was known to mistreat minorities and in the end of it all Biafra would not be a Israel it will not be able to defend its own in Nigeria its economy won’t be strong and it’s unlikely Nigeria will allow it to have oil unless it sees oil as not as valuable a product meaning a move to Agriculture mining and manufacturing and those industries being strong so overall in the end we may see an attempt at referendum or war it may not end well as if the referendum fails and secession is still attempted we would see the alienation of the Igbo ethnicity grow as the whole Biafra situation if not for a few silver linings has caused many who had normal major view of igbos to now have negative views especially when they see comments disparaging their ethnic groups or religions basically my point is Biafra can be attempted but it would soon fall because unlike Nigeria the majority would have no reason to try and appease the minority which will lead to war eventually

Adebayo Salako

lives in Nigeria (1983-present)

7w ago

Can Biafra become a separate entity from Nigeria?

I would say yes.

Lesotho and Swaziland are sovereign nations ensconced within Republic of South Africa geographical space:>wiki>swazi.

Alternatively, Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region with its own government within Tanzania Republic :https// These are models on African continent that can be constitutionally adapted.

We do not need hit our head on brickwall now and again. It seems Biafran question won’t just go away,certainly not with the winner takes all presidential system of Nigeria politics.

Let’s amend the constitution and allow for referendum. There is one yes vote eagerly waiting to be counted.

Victor Galadimawa

Born and Raised in Nigeria

7w ago

Certainly the answer to this question is a solid yes. Biafra is already a separate entity from Nigeria. It is an ideal that is outside the context of the Nigerian nation. Biafra lives in the hearts of millions of Igbos.

But the real question is, will Biafra become a sovereign state? Yes, it can.The Nigerian civil war was a struggle towards this singular objective but failed in the end. Another question arises. Will Biafra become a sovereign state? Only God knows!

And one more question for the Biafrans…Will Biafra become the Utopia they see it to be?

Eze Uba

Born and bred in Nigeria…

7w ago

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If only any of the Igbo states had access to the coast. As Igboland is totally landlocked, it will mean biafra will be surrounded by Nigerian territory, which is a worse proposition than the status quo. Any attempt to force any of the current South South states to join biafra (for access to the coast) will spell the end of that enterprise, as Nigeria will never allow that. Besides, who forces others into a union while crying that you’re trying to break free from a forced union yourself? That is the irony and dilemma of biafra…



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