See how this lady wants to take her life by drinking a bottle of Sniper after fight with husband in Lagos (photos)


A lady is currently battling for her life, after allegedly drinking a bottle of popular insecticide, Sniper, this morning, in Ogudu, Lagos State. Suddenly death by suicide has become trend and one of the leading causes of death in Nigeria Nowadays, almost on weekly basis, reports of suicides make headlines. The victims cut across all genders and age groups. Men, women, teenagers including boys and girls and children are all involved. It is like an epidemic, a social malady ravaging a people and nothing is being said about it. A few examples will illustrate the dreadful nightmare that has gripped the country.

According to reports, the lady took the decision because of her incessant fights with her husband, coupled with their landlord’s decision to give them a quit notice. It was gathered that their fight always stems from the fact that the husband, who is poor, is constantly cheating on her. The man was also accused of preventing the wife from interacting with people on their street. She decided to commit suicide, today, by drinking Sniper. However, she was rescued and was rushed to an undisclosed hospital in a wheelbarrow.

Majority of the reasons given for the reported suicides range from financial difficulty, marital problems, academic challenges, among others. Just last week a colleague of mine came to work crying and narrated how a lady of 25 years with four kids in her compound committed suicide by drinking a bottle sniper after she had a serious argument and fight with her husband

There is need for government, NGOs, churches and other institutions to establish counseling centres where people could visit to seek succour. Over and above that is the need for the authorities to cushion the human suffering in the country by way of social safety nets. A situation where millions of young people finish school but have no job to do is killing. There should be a way to engage the idle hands even in public works to close the open gutters all over our cities or plant trees through which they are paid a stipend for survival.

Reasons and signs of suicide – Experts

Medical experts said some of the signs that someone may be thinking or planning to commit suicide include change in behaviour or the presence of entirely new behaviours, when a person is always talking or thinking about death or killing self, when a person loses interest in things he or she used to care about before and making comments about being worthless, helpless or hopeless.

Others include when the person has depression, takes risks that could lead to death, sudden switch from being very sad to being happy, visiting or calling people to say goodbye, looking for a way to kill themselves, such as searching online for materials or means, acting recklessly and withdrawing from activities to mention a few.

They said people around anyone exhibiting these signs or who have attempted suicide before should be concerned and seek help from experts and appropriate authorities.

What can you be done to curb the incessant rate of suicide in our society?……Kindly share your opinions in the comment section below and it could be helpful to someone



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