Segun Arinze’s daughter Renny Njemanze graduates from university, shares photos


Popular Nollywood actor Segun Arinze has a reason to celebrate this season. One of his children named Renny Njemanze is set to graduate from higher institution. To celebrate this accomplishment, the pretty lady took to sharing some lovely photos of herself.

The beautiful lady is a product of the relationship between star actress Anne Njemanze and Segun Arinze. The duo who got married back in the days are no longer together but they still have one thing in common and that is Renny.

Graduating from the university is quite a major accomplishment for this lady. Hence, she congratulated herself on having achieved it. In the photos shared by her, Renny was wearing a Tee shirt and trouser.

The white T-shirt was marked all over with ink and the signatures of her friends and loved ones. This was done in accordance to ‘signing out’ tradition practised in Nigerian universities.

Renny whose beauty is regarded as one of a kind also wrote a lovely caption that mirrored her thanks to God for making it possible for her to finish school successfully.

She said: “Made it thus far. Thank you ever faithful God.” Renny who clocked 20 last year definitely has a reason to be grateful.

However, last time it was checked, Segun’s relationship with his daughter appears to be on sinking sand. It would be recalled that, last year, when she clocked 20, the popular actor had taken to wishing her a happy birthday.

Segun had prayed for her and also congratulated her on doing a great job so far. However, rather than acknowledge his birthday message, the young lady had lambasted him instead.

She implied that he was being hypocritical with his message as he had not bothered to call her personally or tag her in his message.

Even more, Renny, as she is popularly called, begged Segun to stop with the public display of affection and also address her mother by her proper name.

It cannot be said if the relationship between the duo have been restored to normal. But the fact that Renny has accomplished such a feat as graduating from the university cannot be ignored, and thus, she deserves to be celebrated.



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