Cristiano Ronaldo has set a record in La Liga that Lionel Messi can never break


Even after leaving the Spanish topflight Cristiano Ronaldo keeps on breaking records that his rivial Lionel Messi can only ever dream of. These are the records he still holds in the competition: Most hat-tricks (34) Most goals from penalties (61) Fastest to reach 150 goals (140 games). You can also see below other records of Ronaldo that Lionel Messi is not likely to break

#5 Consecutive Champions League top scorer

This is one of those Ronaldo records that Messi can never break. The Juventus star has been the top scorer in the Champions League in each of the last six seasons. Messi might have won the accolade five times himself but Ronaldo is the king when it comes to consistency in scoring.

#3 50 or more goals for six seasons in a row

From 2010 to 2016, six seasons went by and in all of those seasons, the Portugal captain managed to score 50 or more goals – making it a record possessed by him alone. Messi, meanwhile, will need to score 50 or more from this season for the next five seasons after to equal Ronaldo’s record as the Argentine managed to score 50 or more consecutively thrice.

#2 La Liga scoring ratio

Ronaldo has left La Liga and has done so with a scoring ratio of 1.06 goals-per-game. He scored 311 goals for Madrid in just 292 La Liga games. On the other hand, the great Argentina superstar is currently on 390 goals from 427 games in the league and as great as he might be, it is quite impossible for even him to better Ronaldo here.

#1 International trophy

All of the records that Ronaldo holds over Messi becomes pale when this aspect of their respective careers is brought into the light. The Argentine has failed to win a major trophy with Argentina. And the Portuguese? He won the Euros with Portugal in 2016. Messi could still win the Copa America but the chances of it look less likely.



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