Seven reasons why Nigerian girls ditch underwears, number 6 would leave you in shock


Not wearing panties, or going commando as it’s popularly termed, has remained a controversial topic over the years as different groups try to justify whether it’s okay or not. There are common misconceptions about ladies not wearing them with some seeing it as bad for one’s sexual health. Others believe it as an indication of promiscuity while some confess it’s just the best thing, “The choice to wear no undergarment is a personal one that really depends on what you’re wearing and what your preferences are,” says Cindy Barshop, founder and beauty, sexual health expert. The trend of going commando, despite all the controversy, has spiked interests among women and some are delighted. Here are some of the reasons why ditching your underwear can be a pretty good idea.

You’ll feel more comfortable

Underwear has the annoying tendency to turn into a ‘wedgie’. Going commando leaves you free and very comfortable to say the least.

Preventing infection

While many fear that going commando can lead to various vaginal infections, the opposite is actually true. Vaginas are already moist and hairy, so adding a layer of suffocation (in the form of underwear) can actually make things worse.

Your pants fit better

Not wearing a pantie makes you slide in and out of your trousers easily and also fit better. Many women prefer wearing their jeans with thongs. If you went commando, however, you’d never have to worry about what kind of underwear you have to wear for specific pants.

Yeast infections can clear up

“Allowing the air to hit this area is important because it stops the moisture trapped by our underwear from causing a yeast infection and skin irritation externally,” Barshop says. Ditching panties can not only help prevent a yeast infection but also end a mild one.

No chaffing or irritations

Excess moisture in your underwear can lead to irritation and chaffing. If you have been experiencing this; perhaps you should try going commando.

You’ll feel sexier

How about not being concerned whether you pantie lines are showing? Going commando gives you that confidence and kills those a million and one questions running through your head whenever you are walking past people.

Fresh air

Is there any better feeling than cool fresh air passing through your privates? The feeling is not only calming, it’s also healthy. “The most important thing about undergarment is aeration,” says Dr. Carolyn A. DeLucia, FACOG, MD, of VSPOT Med-Spa. Wearing a cotton pantie might feel nice but it can’t be compared to going commando.

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