How to See Spirits Around You


As you get more in touch with your spiritual side, you will start to realize that there are spirits and energies all around you. Naturally, you will want to see them at some point. You may already be aware of these spirits and can sense their presence. There are also people who are able to see the spirits around them.

Even if you cannot learn how to see spirits around you, there are still other signs and clues that the the spirit world is visiting you. The following article on how to see spirits around you includes three ways that you can look for the spirits. They may use visuals like signs and symbols or sounds to show that they are there. You may dream about them, or you may sense their presence when you are awake. It may be just a movement or an odd breeze that helps you to sense their presence. This type of ability takes practice to learn, so don’t be surprised if it does not start working immediately. You just have to be patient for it to start working.

These are the three basic techniques that you can use to see spirits around you. You can try one or all of them. Just makes sure to practice these techniques for a bit before you give them up because it will become easier as you get used to doing it.

1. Use Your Mind

One simple way to see the spirits around you is by using your mind’s eye. It is often difficult or awkward to actually use your physical eyes to the see the spirits. Luckily, the third eye chakra can help you to see spirits. This chakra is located behind your forehead and is considered the seat of perception and intuition. Its energy extends in front of you, around you and behind you. When you use your third eye to see spirits around you, the vision seems like a memory that is being replayed in your mind.

When you do this, the images may flash in front of your eyes or just in your mind. You are seeing the spirits, but it is not with your physical eyes. You see them in a way that is similar to how you see things when you are imagining something or remembering a long-forgotten memory. Ultimately, we are all spirits. Since we all have a spirit-body, it is only natural that we would be able to see other spirits as well.

There are a few problems with this technique. The physical body can get in the way of seeing spirits with your third eye. If you are too attached to the material possessions and manifestations of the physical world, then there will always be a barrier that exists between you and the spirit world.

Little children can often see spirits because they are less attached to the material world. Unfortunately, adults train children out of this habit as the child ages. By the time they become an adult, the child is attached to the physical and has left the spirit world behind. Luckily, anything that can be conditioned into you can be conditioned out of you. You just have to wake up your third eye and break your attachments to the physical plane.

2. Pay Attention to the Air

Another way that you can start feeling and seeing the spirits around you is by paying attention to the air density. The air density can change when a spirit is present. For some people, this will feel look like a fuzzy, distorted place in the air. Or, you might feel a heat wave in a certain form or shape. Spiritual beings have a different energy than we do, so their density in the air is a bit different than ours.

It is not always easy to notice when the air density changes, but there are a few things you can do to make this easier as you get used to noticing the air density. Turn the lights on low. If you cannot dim the lights, turn them off and light a couple of candles instead. It is generally easier to see this distortion and the heat wave when the lights are lower, so dim the lights and then sit and watch for any movement.

3. Look for Light Flickers

This is another popular technique for seeing your deceased loved ones or your spirit guides. Look for flickers of light. It is the same kind of flicker that you see when a mirror reflects like suddenly or a little light bounces off a lake. They may look like a different color because of the spirit, or you may only catch a white sparkle from the corner of your eye. These sparkles of light happen when the spirits are stopping by to greet you or help you open your third eye.



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