OMG! This famous singer says she doesn’t enjoy wearing pants!


Ghanaian singer, Sista Afia has been in the news over the past few days after she treated fans to some very explicit entertainment at the launch of her new album, ‘Queen Solomon’, last weekend.

Appearing on stage with Patapaa, the singer whined suggestively on the “One Corner” hitmaker leaving him on the stage floor.

It turns out that Sista Afia gave all that raunchy performance on the night without her pants on.

This was revealed by the often raunchy singer herself during a recent interview in Accra.

“I did not wear at normal pant during my performance on Saturday,” she disclosed in response to a question.

Explaining why that was the case, Sista Afia revealed that she prefers to wear a bodysuit rather than wear a regular pair of pants even when on stage.

She said: “I decide not to wear pants because the bodysuit acts like one.”

Answering a question on whether she does not fear her private parts getting exposed during such energetic performances, Sista Afia stated that it was no bother to her because she will not suffer such wardrobe malfunction considering the suits she wears.

“Obviously, you should know the type of dress you are wearing. The bodysuit I was wearing covered my body very well. Such an accident cannot happen because it (body suit) was very strong and tight,” she confidently said.

Sista Afia, however, quickly added that as the time she was speaking, she had her pants on. “As for today, I am wearing one,” she said with a hearty laughter.

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