OMG! See How This Popular Businessman Was Arrested With Human Parts On His Way For Money Rituals


A popular businessman in Ifon, Osun State, recognized as Supo Bamidele has been captured possessing new human head, two hands, and three human tissue, legitimately wrapped inside a polythene sack in Ondo street, Ile Ife. Supo Bamidele told newsmen that he burrowed a grave at a burial ground in Ifon people group and cut the head and palms of a carcass there. Bamidele said his herbalist had requested that he bring a human head and two palms to enable him to do money rituals yet Amos denied the case by the businessman.

The business specialist and his herbalist, Amos Suleiman were captured by the police for being in control of human skull and palms which they needed to use for money rituals. Bamidele clarified that some policemen got him with the human parts on his way to the place of the herbalist when he was taking the skull and the palms to Amos. The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr Fimihan Adeoye said the suspects are unfeeling and remorseless people and guaranteed that they would not go unpunished.



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