Mastermind Of The Impostor Of Jibril Is Abba Kyari – Nnamdi Kanu


Nigeria News – Mastermind Of The Impostor Of Jibril Is Abba Kyari – Nnamdi Kanu

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has told the Federal Government that he never said President Muhammadu Buhari was cloned.

The IPOB leader said his message to the world has always been that President Buhari was ‘dead’ and was replaced by Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani, another individual, as a double.

Nnamdi Kanu made the clarification in a two-and-half-hour worldwide radio broadcast from Israel during the weekend.

Remember that Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information, sparked public interest when he said it was ‘idiotic’ to contemplate that the President was cloned.

On Sunday, in Poland, President Buhari himself told the Nigerian community that he was the real person and not a clone.

Kanu said, in his reaction, the introduction of ‘cloning’ into the narrative was a diversionary attempt to confuse the people.

The IPOB leader stated: “We are going to dismantle the lies of Lai Mohammed and his brother (Senator Ajayi Borroffice), who claims he holds a doctorate degree in genetics and said nobody can clone a 75-yr-old.

“Lai Mohammed re-echoed that sentiment. If you’re not intelligent enough, you will think that Nnamdi Kanu said Buhari was cloned into Jubril (a Sudanese).

“That was not what I said. I said Jubril is an impostor. They (the cabal) brought him in to act and behave like the ‘dead’ Buhari. I never said he was cloned.

“The introduction of cloning into the narrative was a ploy to confuse the people.

“I am very grateful that the Sudanese government are doing something about this by investigating the matter.

“It must be mentioned that the mastermind of the fraud of Jibril is Abba Kyari. Has anyone seen him recently?”

Nnamdi Kanu accused the presidency of shielding the President from getting into close proximity with the troops during his recent visit to Maiduguri so as not to blow his cover as a ‘fake’.

Over a purported reluctance, on Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo’s part, to tell Nigerians the ‘truth’ about his principal, the IPOB leader further took a swipe at him.

“Osinbajo is a coward that is why he is not President. Dora Akunyili sacrificed her life that Jonathan may become president. Without what she did, nobody had the mettle to speak the truth.

“Akunyili came and told everybody the truth that Yar’Adua was dead. What they (the cabal) are doing now was perfected then,” the IPOB leader stated.



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