Gov. Obiano Bows To IPOB, Release Nnewi Businessmen After Nnamdi Kanu Broadcast »


Gov. Obiano and Anambra State Police Bow to IPOB Threat, Release Nnewi Businessmen After Nnamdi Kanu Broadcast. IPOB Leader had on Saturday threatened to call the mother of shutdown in Anambra State if the arrested Nnewi businessmen in the name of IPOB terrorism concoction were not released in 24 hrs. Nnamdi Kanu threaten to call on all Anambra people to sit at home for as long as they remain arrested. Meaning schools, government offices, businesses and banks will be shut down. He vows that the compliance will be 100%, and will paralyze the state and render Obiano useless as a governor. That even staff of the government house will not show up to work, to tell the governor how powerful IPOB is. Within 24 hrs of his threat, all arrested businessmen were released. The businessmen thanked their leader Nnamdi Kanu and assured him that only death will stop their support for IPOB!



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