Never do these four things when you’re broke


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Lack of money affects us in different ways. There are some things we cannot think about when we are broke. In simple terms, money matters in our daily lives. A change in lifestyle is inevitable when we become broke. Never do these four things when you’re broke.

1. Make excuses

Excuses are leading killers. Never keep making excuses in life. Do what is expected instead of finding excuses for the same.

2. Smoke

Our health matters so much. It does not make sense to smoke when you are broke. It doesn’t mean that it is recommended to smoke when you are rich. The poor are more vulnerable when they smoke than the rich. For instance, you will not have food at the end of the day after smoking several packets of cigarettes.

3. Drugs

Drugs are quite expensive in the long run. You will be wasting money on the drugs instead of investing. Wise persons invest their money and not waste themselves in drugs. Learn to save your money.

4. Despise some jobs

Some people have remained broke because they tend to despise some jobs. Never look down upon some professions in life. You need to ensure that you work in order to put food on the table as well as pay bills.



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