How to cure staphylococcus aureus infection naturally


The “golden” staphylococcus and its treatment are the matters that occupy the minds of many people. Getting infected with staphylococcus is quite easy but getting rid of it is not. Knowing proper medication that will not ruin the body and health is the key point in the treatment.

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What staphylococcus aureus is

The world around us and even our bodies are full of small organisms called bacteria. Some of them are always dangerous. Others become dangerous only under certain circumstances. Some are only useful and help our bodies live.

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All the bacteria have different shapes. Some of them are called bacilli; these ones look like tiny rods. The others are known as cocci and these ones have a rounded shape. Staphylococcus is one of the rounded bacteria. Under the microscope, it looks like grapes.

This is an utterly dangerous bacterium, which causes a range of serious diseases. These can be skin disorders and inflammations, internal infections, and even sepsis, a dangerous condition when the blood is infected. Many of these diseases are lethal. However, having this bacterium in your body doesn’t always mean that a person will definitely fall ill in the nearest future.

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This bacterium is quite hard to fight because due to the usage of antibiotics some bacteria have developed intolerance to them. Sometimes, instead, the good old antibiotics like penicillin can fight them better than any modern means. At the same time, there’s a range of natural means that are able to destroy the bacteria effectively even without antibiotics and other heavy weapons. Below, we will focus on them.

How to cure Staphylococcus aureus infection naturally

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There are several available ways to treat staphylococcus with natural means and some of them provide not only the complete recovery but also strengthen a person’s immune system. It’s necessary to remember that the immune system is the natural barrier that prevents propagation of such bacteria.

However, it works only in case it’s strong enough. If you won’t strengthen your immune system, you will never get rid of the infection, no matter which means you use.

Well, the natural means against the Staphylococcus aureus can be of two types: the ones that are taken to strengthen the body in general and the ones that are applied to the inflammations to purify the wound and remove plenty of bacteria from it.

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Skin inflammations (huge boils) are effectively treated by a mixture of honey and cranberries (2:1). The mixture is eaten in moderate amounts in the morning 30 minutes prior to the meal and 2 hours past the breakfast with warm water.

Another means against such inflammations is freshly squeezed parsley and celery juice. It should be taken on an empty stomach several times a day

Skin inflammations can also be treated with epithems, lotions or ointments that are meant to remove pus from the inflamed spot. Natural means include the following:

A slice of raw potato (should be put onto the inflammation and bandaged)

Aloe pulp

½ of an onion that’s baked on a dry bare saucepan (no oils!). It should be applied while still warm and bandaged

When applied in the evening, such means remove pus from the inflammation by the morning. The wound remains clean and plenty of dangerous bacteria are removed from the body. Other variations of similar ointments are made out of honey and other healing components.

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Manuka honey (the one that’s collected from Manuka plants), as recent research has proved already, is sometimes more effective against the Staphylococcus aureus than certain types of modern antibiotics. Dressing wounds with such honey can heal them in a very short while

Affected skin and mucus linings can be washed with the help of herbal teas. These teas can also be taken inside like any other tea to strengthen the immune system.

Teas made out of plant parts of calendula, licorice, bur-marigold, yarrow, chamomile or John’s-wort can be equally effective when taken in as beverages and when used as washes. They are used instead of chemical washes for the sore throat and inflamed eyes due to the infection

Fresh juice and fresh berries of blackcurrant can fight the staphylococcus effectively due to the natural antibacterial agents. They should be taken as a part of complex therapy aimed at the strengthening of the immune system. It’s necessary to take one cup of fresh berries after each meal. As research shows, fresh blackcurrant juice and berries increase recovery chances by 5 times!

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Comfrey and burdock leaves (dried and chopped) should be taken in equal proportions and poured into boiling water. After letting the tea infuse for 15 minutes, it should be taken three times a day until the patient’s relief. Fresh burdock leaves (washed very thoroughly) can reduce skin inflammations and increase skin regeneration

Take two teaspoons of each of the following herbs: meadow-sweet, hop, sedge cane, chamomile, mint, marjoram, one teaspoon of each of the following herbs: dill seeds, Greek valerian, and three teaspoons of willowherbs leaves. Add boiling water and infuse in a thermos flask for 9 hours. Take ½ cup three times a day on an empty stomach

Echinacea, walnut leaves, couch-grass, wild pansy, black poplar buds, white nettle are also used against the Staphylococcus aureus. Their decoctions are often added to baths for babies in order to reduce the staphylococcus inflammations and prevent the propagation of bacteria

Fresh apricot pulp applied to wounds and pus boils can reduce the inflammation and remove the pus. Pureed pulp taken twice a day on an empty stomach can help the body defeat the bacteria in a natural way, with the help of its own immune system

Bee-glue is another natural remedy that’s worth a lot of attention. Small pieces of the bee-glue should be put into strong alcohol like rum or cognac. When infused as due, the tincture should be used as a wash for sore throat or gums

Staphylococcus aureus: where does it live?

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The proper treatment of the infection often depends on the localization of the infection. It’s necessary to know where the source is to treat it properly. For instance, it can be found in breast milk, blood, other liquids in the body, on the skin, inside colons and other organs.

The type that lives on the skin is the most frequent cause of breakouts, acne, and other inflammations. When the skin is cut, this bacteria can get inside, causing the inflammations of wounds or general infections. The Staphylococcus aureus is the most durable coccus, which can survive boiling, drying out, procession with hydrogen peroxide or salt solutions.

Are staphylococcus aureus bacteria dangerous?

Yes, it is. Being extremely durable to the hardest conditions, this bacterium can cause a range of diseases within one organism. The effect on whole inner systems can be huge. This is why it’s necessary to treat such an infestation with all seriousness.

If you are diagnosed with Staphylococcus aureus and decide to treat it with natural means, be very attentive to your condition. In case there’s no improvement within several days or in case the things are only getting worse, immediately turn to a doctor. This is especially important in case there are chances that the bacteria have reached the blood flow.

Now when you know everything about staphylococcus and its treatment, you have the weapon against it and all the necessary knowledge to take care and stay healthy! You should bear in mind that if the natural treatment does not bring the necessary effect you should visit a doctor.



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