How To Avoid Damaging Your Eyes With Your Phone


If you’re very active on social media then there’s a high chance you’re damaging your eyes with your phone. It’s easy to get wrapped up in social media after a hard days work. You probably want to catch up on everything you’ve missed during the day and lose track of time.

This is how to avoid damaging your eyes with your phone

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1. Use an anti glare screen guard

They are available in almost every computer shop and they reduce the amount of blue light from your screen that enters your eyes.

2. Apply a filter

Most smartphones come with a blue light filter in the screen settings, usually under display settings. So just go to settings and adjust yours to reduce the intensity of blue light.

(Photo: Spybey Optometrists, Southwell)

3. Blink

When you’re using your smartphone you need to do a full blink as much as possible. This will help clear your eyes from the ray of light from the phone.

4. Keep the screen away from your eyes

When you’re using your phone, keep it as far away from your eyes as much as you can. It might be wise to buy a smartphone hand holder for this.

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5. Reduce the brightness and font size

Reducing the brightness of your phone reduces the amount of light that goes into your eyes. Also, increase the font size of your texts so that you don’t have to strain your eyes too much to read on your phone.

6. Reduce your phone time

This is very important if you want to protect your eyes from getting damaged. Decide on a number of hours to spend on your phone daily and don’t exceed that time.

As dependent as we are on our phones, we also need to be conscious of the effects on our health too. So drop your questions in the comment section and we’ll be happy to answer. In other news, social media can also damage your health.



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