How To Sit And Stand Up In Pregnancy


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When a woman is pregnant, she undergoes a lot of physical transformations. And, with these physical changes comes a little bit of a pain too. That is why you will see an expecting mother often complaining about backaches or pain in the shoulder and neck area. This primarily happens as the posture of a woman takes a hit. This can make even simple tasks such as sitting and standing seem like a challenge. After all, the ever-growing weight she carries with her is no mean feat either. However, it is not very hard to figure out a standing or sitting position to ease the pregnancy pain a little.

Why Is Correct Posture Essential During Pregnancy?

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What a correct posture does is align the body properly whether one is standing, sitting, or lying down. If we put it in simple words, it is all about standing or sitting straight. Of course, a right posture works magically for one’s health. And, its importance increases multiple folds during gestation. If you have a wrong posture, it can result in discomfort and aches. And, a constant poor posture during pregnancy may lead to aches even after the childbirth. So, try and maintain a good posture all throughout pregnancy to steer away from aches in the shoulder, neck, and back area as much as possible. Here, we bring you some of the sitting positions that you can adopt during pregnancy:

1. Face The Back Of The Chair

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The first thing that you can do is pretty simple. Just turn the chair around and sit looking toward its back. Sit in a way that your legs are on either side of the chair and place your arms in an arched position. Lean in the direction of the chair and you can also keep a cushion or pillow for support if needed. Mostly, it will not hurt keeping your legs apart as long as your back is in an arched position. But, if it does not work for you, you can always forego sitting this way.

2. Sit Upright

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If you are sitting up straight or have arched your back slightly, you have adopted a comfortable posture. In such a pose, your breasts should be pointing either in the upward or straight direction. Don’t let your breasts rest on your baby bump. And, your legs should be kept slightly apart so as to give some breathing space to your tummy.

What Can Be Considered As A Poor Posture?

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Be attentive about how you are sitting as certain postures can do more harm than good. If you are slouching when you are sitting, it may unlock the pelvic area and can result in pain during movements. And, you are more likely to adopt this posture if you are sitting either unsupported or on a cushiony, soft chair. So, you may want to opt for a hard chair with support during pregnancy.

How Can You Stand Up Properly?

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Now that you have found the right posture to sit in, you may be wondering whether there is any correct way of standing up too. Yes, there is. If you follow these steps, you might be able to ease the discomfort you often complain about:

Firstly, arch your upper chest and back a little. Simultaneously, keep your legs apart. While maintaining this position, try to move back and forth such that you first make your back round and subsequently arch it. Follow these steps in a rhythmic manner several times, keeping your shoulders stiff all this while.

Lean in the forward direction. Keep your back slightly arched and stick your chest out.

Don’t slump your back when you are standing up. Just smoothly move in the upward and forward direction.

Just continue doing this action until you are standing completely upright.

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