Nigerian man who served as a corps member at the age of 54 recounts experience


– A Nigerian man has gone viral after he became one of the oldest serving youth corp members

– According to reports, he left Nigeria at age 21 and graduated in the US at age 24

– He returned at the age of 54 and enrolled under the National Youth Service Corp

Identified as Lanre Amu, this Nigerian man has stunned a lot of people after he enrolled for the National Youth Service scheme at the age of 54. According to the story, he left the shores of Nigeria at the age of 21 and studied in the US.

Having graduated at the age of 24, he remained in the US and worked for 34 years before returning to Nigeria. Now at age 54, he found it difficult to get employed in some organisations because he neither had an NYSC certificate nor an exemption letter.

However, on further enquiries, he was made to understand that since he graduated from the university at an age below 30, it was important he served since getting an exemption letter was impossible.

Speaking with The Guardian, he shared his experience as a youth corp member serving at the age of 54. He revealed that he was rejected at State House/Presidency and a law firm belonging to Osibanjo identified as Simmons Cooper Law firm. He ended doing his primary assignment at the Supreme Court of Nigeria and describe it as a worthwhile experience learning a great deal about Nigerian laws.

Lanre Amu (second left) flanked by other corp members and a camp commandant Source: UGC

Speaking on experiences he would never forget, he had this to say: “The hypocrisy of the administration vis-à-vis posting to State House, and Simmons Cooper Law firm are things I cannot forget. Talk is cheap. They do not live up to the good things they say and that we read in the newspapers when you approach them one on one.”

When asked if he would have served if he wasn’t considering working with the public/private sector, he said:

“I do not know, because I have an interest in public service/office. I am a Nigerian. I am passionate about the future of this country. Given the knowledge I have acquired overseas and seeing what is on the ground in Nigeria, I believe I can make contributions, immense contributions, if given the opportunity. We must fight those who are holding this country down and liberate it from the strangle hold of corrupt people masquerading as pastors, politicians, Godfathers, etc. Not to do national service will not be consistent with my make up in trying my best to be law abiding.”

Speaking on his experience serving, he described it as worthwhile.

“I like the stress, and the fact that as a new comer, it just gave me an opportunity to interact with a lot of young people. I had a message for the youth of this country on bringing some reality to this trend of checking out of Nigeria on the mirage that the grass is greener in the West. I spent a lot of time interacting and sharing my message with fellow NYSC members. It was a worthwhile experience for me.”



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