Why eating excess fruits is dangerous


For a balanced diet, we are always encouraged to incorporate fruits in the diet. Fruits have a wide variety of benefits to the body. Fruits help the body fight diseases, help in controlling body weight among other benefits. However, eating excess fruits can have adverse effects on the human body. Here are some of the negative effects of eating excess fruits.

You fail to lose weight. There is no doubt that fruits are a key aspect in checking body weight. They are a great alternative to sodas and cakes. However, eating too many fruits can have a negative effect in terms of controlling body weight. Excess fruits mean that you may be eating too many carbohydrates. When we eat carbs, blood sugar rises triggering the release of insulin to lower the blood sugar. By converting it to fat for storage.

Diarrhoea. Generally, fruits contain seeds and most of the times we consume them. Some fruits are considered to be healthy. However, upon consumption, some seeds are never digested due to their nature. If the seeds remain in solid forms for long, one is bound to experience stomach problems leading to diarrhoea.

A lady experiencing stomachache. [Photo/DeolaOnline]

Frequent bloating. Bloating is sometimes associated with eating excess fruits due to fructose sugar. Most people are not able to perfectly digest fructose, especially when in large amounts. In the end, many people experience fructose malabsorption in which fructose is inefficiently absorbed across the small intestine leading to bloating.



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