The simplest recipe of plantain mosa ever


Today, we are going to learn how to cook plantain mosa without yeast. This is an interesting challenge because this snack reminds of puff puff, which is normally made with yeast. However, there’s nothing impossible. Check out the easiest recipe of yeastless plantain mosa ever.

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Tasty plantain mosa with no yeast: recipe

Plantain mosa is a snack that’s made out of the pulp of overly ripe plantains that are thoroughly mashed, mixed with some other ingredients, and then deep-fried in boiling oil. This is why these pieces remind of puff puff so much. However, making them is easier than making puff puff and the process is somewhat different.

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To make this delicious snack, you will need exactly this:

Two overly ripe plantains

¾ cup of water

½ teaspoon of baking powder

½ teaspoon of salt

A pinch of cinnamon

1 ½ cups of flour

Oil for frying

Take note that there’s no additional sugar. The plantain flesh is supposed to give the snack its natural mild sweetness. If you prefer something sweeter, try seasoning the ready puff puff with caster sugar. Add only a little bit in order to preserve the delicate sweet taste of plantain.

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Also, take note that you will need a lot of oil for frying. First, you will need at least three inch of boiling oil to fry the amount of mosa that comes of the mentioned amounts of the ingredients. Second, if you make more mosa, you may need to replace the oil after some time. The overheated oil is not only dangerous for health (which is often neglected for the sake of economy) but it’s also able to spoil the taste with its burnt smell.

Now, let’s get down to the process of cooking. This is one of the simplest snacks ever, and one of the most delicious. You will need only several minutes to prepare the mixture and about 10 minutes to fry all the pieces. That’s why it’s a great solution for a quick and tasty snack with unexpected guests.

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The mentioned amount of the ingredients is meant for 4 portions of no yeast plantain mosa.

Take a big clean bowl and mix all the dry ingredients: the flour, cinnamon, salt, and baking powder. If you prefer you can take not the all-purpose flour but the baking one. If there’s none at hand, you can make baking flour by mixing 2 parts of all-purpose flour with 1 part of corn starch and sifting if thoroughly together

Remove the peel from the plantains, cut the flesh into pieces and throw it all into a blender. Then, add the water and make a smooth fine puree without big particles. Blend several times if necessary

Pour the necessary amount of oil (about three inch) into a deep pot and bring the pot to heat. Make sure that the oil boils but doesn’t burn. You can detect the burning by the appearance of smoke over the pot and the scent of burning

Mix the plantain puree with dry ingredients in the meanwhile. Stir very thoroughly so that he puree absorbs the flour and the paste is smooth and soft

Take a big spoon and with its help create pieces of the paste of the necessary size and shape. Pour them quickly into the boiling oil

Keep on frying the mosa until the surface is brown

Remove quickly from the oil and place onto a layer of paper towels to remove excess oil. Serve mosa while hot. However, it’s delicious even when cooled down

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This is the classical recipe of Nigerian plantain mosa without yeast. Hopefully, you will enjoy your snack! You should feel free to serve the mosa as you like: with tea, coffee, milk, or soda beverages. You can also use any dressing that you or your guests like: honey, jam, chocolate toppings, and so on.



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