Read What Man Said After Killing Neighbour For Sleeping With His Wife


Mr Joseph Abanda, a 40-year-old man from Beni Village in Muya Local Government Area of Niger State has been arrested for killing his neighbour.

Abanda said he killed Umaru Yakubu, from Kwagana village in Paikoro Local Government Area of the state, for sleeping with his wife after warning him several times to desist from the act.

The suspect added that he had told Yakubu that he would kill him and damn the consequences if he ever caught him sleeping with his wife.

Abanda, who was arrested on Tuesday by the Niger State Police Command, reportedly caught Yakubu sleeping with his wife in a bush, attacked and then killed him.

He disclosed that he killed the victim with a stick and another dangerous weapon.

However, he said he did not regret his action as he had warned Yakubu not to sleep with his wife.

The suspect said, “I had earlier warned him to leave my wife alone; I asked him to stop sleeping with my wife otherwise I would kill him and damn the consequences; the worst that would happen was that I would go to jail.

“I killed him for the atrocities he committed against my family; it is an abomination in Islam to sleep with another man’s wife. It is a mortal sin.”



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