Lose weight and become younger and healthier with orange juice


Everyone must have heard that orange juice is a source of vitamin C. However, this is not the only one health benefit of orange juice. Still don’t know about how beneficial it is to drink orange juice, do you? Read the post below to find out about incredible orange juice benefits and this info will make you drink it every day.
Top 7 health benefits of orange juice
1. Orange juice benefits for weight loss
One orange contains about 70-90 kcal. One more pure orange juice benefit is in the ability of citrus to muffle the feeling of hunger: after drinking a glass of orange juice, you will not feel hunger for several hours. Also, oranges help the stomach cope with fatty food because they stimulate the production of gastric juice. Moreover, vitamin C is a natural cleaner that helps to eliminate the amount of toxins in the human body.
2. Orange juice benefits for skin
It is a well known fact that our skin is a reflection of our digestive system. Orange juice beauty benefit lies in the property of cellular tissue, containing in the pulp of oranges. It helps with the amelioration of the work of the digestive system. Citrus fruits treat irritable bowel syndrome, eliminate constipation and diarrhea. Oranges reduce the acidity of the stomach, stimulating the production of digestive juices, and at the same time they treat gastritis. Those who suffer from acne may also use orange peel for facial care and treating skin problems as well as resort to drinking orange juice to receive the maximal benefit for skin.
3. Orange peel juice benefits
Orange peel possesses a high amount of essential oils. It is possible not only to eat oranges but also to make all kinds of masks and scrubs for skin, hair, and nails. Hesperidin, containing in orange peel, absorbs lipids, due to this, the process of fat burning intensifies.
Though orange pulp benefits are also huge, it is interesting that the orange pulp contains less of hesperidin than its peel. Therefore, including citrus peel into your diet, you can easily control excess weight.
The high content of vitamin C in orange zest helps to prevent arthritis and also supplies the body with calcium for healthy bones. Due to a large amount of antioxidants, one can prevent the occurrence and development of cancer cells.
4. Orange juice nutritional benefits
One citrus fruit is quite enough to get the necessary daily requirement of vitamin C. Glucose and fructose (natural sugars) have a positive impact on the work of the human brain. The amount of vitamin C in oranges is even higher than in lemons. This is one more health benefit for those who often suffer from a sore throat.
Oranges also contain vitamin A that is necessary for healthy skin and sharp eyesight. Health benefits of drinking orange juice in the morning lie in keeping your body in tonus the whole day long.
Orange fruit contains more vitamins than one can imagine. Orange juice also contains vitamin A, E, K, vitamins of group B, essential amino acids, organic acids, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, boron, fluorine, sulfur, manganese, cobalt, chlorine, iodine, and pectic substances. It does not mean, however, that one can survive eating only oranges, but orange juice and peel used in the right way, can help you to become healthier, thinner and stronger.
5. Orange juice benefits during pregnancy
Orange juice during pregnancy can be, first of all, an excellent “helper” for strengthening the immune system and preventing infectious diseases. This is due to vitamin C that is one of the orange juice benefits in pregnancy.
Folic acid also speaks in favor of consuming oranges. This substance is extremely beneficial for the normal formation and development of a fetus. It helps to prevent physical and neurological abnormalities of a baby at the stage of intrauterine development.
6. Orange juice benefits for babies
Little kids inclined to the flu need to drink orange juice every day to receive the necessary amount of vitamins. In the whole, for babies, orange juice brings the same healthy properties as for adults. But being a powerful source of vitamins, orange juice can cause allergy, so you should first check if your baby does not have an allergy for orange and even consult the doctor.
7. Orange juice benefits for hair
The essential oil in orange zest can be used in nutritional masks for hair and face. Orange juice can be added to hair lotions for everyday use. Such cosmetics tones up hair, fills it up with useful elements, speeds up hair growth, and makes it thick and shiny. You can also use citrus juice mixed with water instead of hairspray to style your hair.
Being a source of vitamins and useful acids, orange juice must become a part of everyday ration of every person, of every adult and child. It can be used internally or externally. Orange is a low cost, tasty and accessible fruit with a pleasant flavor and great benefit for everyone. But excessive consumption of oranges may cause allergy. Moreover, it is better to consume homemade fresh and avoid buying juice in the supermarket. Keep on consuming “sunny fruits” and be healthy!



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