1. Doctors Gave Struggs 8 Weeks to Live, But The Cancer Spread Much Quicker Than Expected


C Struggs, real name Corey Struggs, built a fan base after collabing with Rick Ross on track “Do It.” With that foundation, he rose to fame after releasing his own tracks “Work,” “How Ya Come” and “Give 2 Fuccs.”
Urban Islandz reported that doctors overestimated how much time Struggs had. His cancer is believed to have spread much quicker than doctors expected. Struggs was first diagnosed back in March, had surgery in April, and just recently was told he had eight weeks to live. Struggs kept working until his body became so weak that he had to check himself into the hospital. “It Ant Over Until GOD Say Sooo,” Struggs said in a Facebook post on July 30th.
2. Struggs Father Died of Cancer Four Years Ago
Struggs posted photos of himself and his children to his Instagram account on July 13th with a caption that read “Rest up Tito love you watch ova us 4yrs today.” Struggs claims it was music that helped him escape from a troubled childhood. He eventually began selling drugs on the street to “survive,” but soon started making music full-time. His father was good to him even though the two weren’t close. When he died of cancer four years ago, Struggs took it hard.
“I’m just somebody from a struggle trying to make it,” Struggs said to the Dallas Observer back in June 2016. Struggs grew up around drug addiction and drug dealers. “There’s nothing fun about that,” he said. “It’s nothing to brag about.” “When people listen to my music, I want it to make them want to better themselves and rise up out of this. I try to let them know that this is not the only path you can take in life.”
3. Struggs’ Oldest Son Died in 2014; he Left Two Other Sons Behind
Strugg’s oldest son Torey died in an accident back in 2014 when he was just seven-years-old. “That’s what really drives me to keep going,” Struggs said. “My son, he’s my gas. He really loved my music. He could rap most of my lyrics. I’m not going to stop doing this.” He has as two younger sons, Corey Jr. and Cortez, who he fought to live for. Back in March, after Struggs first found out about his cancer, he wrote this on his Facebook page: FB Fam im having surgery on my necc n head April 3rd please pray for me frfr I’ve never had surgery or been to sleep before but in order for me to have a chance to live n raise Corey n Cortez I gotta do this.
I be drowning my fears out with music features n shooting videos etc I need strength frfr y’all know ion hide s***t I’m so f****n scared n agg so if I busta n***a a** this weekend it’s because I’m mentally drained I’m so tired of takin Ls starting ova s**t n beIN strong. Struggs landed a college scholarship to play football after high school, but walked away from it as a sophomore after he learned he was going to be a father. He had to make money to support his new family, so he returned to the streets. “I wake up every day trying to be better, small step or big step. I love being a father. I grew up without one and I am so lucky to have the chance to be one,” he told the Dallas Observer.
4. Struggs Kept Working Until The Week Leading up to His Death
“He was putting up a good fight because he was recording music and even doing videos and all that s**t, but his health got really bad over the last couple of days,” friends of Struggs told Urban Islandz. “His death is a big blow to the community. He was someone who was loved by everyone he ain’t got no beef, everyone love Struggs.” Struggs died surrounded by his family and friends.



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