Odumegwu Ojukwu’s first son, Sylvester Debe Ojukwu dead


The first son of late Biafran Warlord Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Sylvester Debe Ojukwu, is dead,according to reports Debe died on Friday night. he was was 62 years old reportedly died on Friday night after a brief stay in Hospital.The report, quoting unnamed family sources, gave no further details.

However, we gathered that Chief Debe Ojukwu based in Lagos suddenly cancelled scheduled engagements and travelled abroad on Friday, October 25, 2018. It is not yet clear if the trip was for medical reasons.

He had been engaged in a face-off with his father’s last wife, Bianca Ojukwu, over properties left by the Ikemba Nnewi.

Debe Ojukwu am Biafran leader’s son’ It was an interview that had to be conducted. After the declaration that the late Chief Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Ezigbo Gburugburu’s Will had been announced and a lion share had gone to Bianca Odinaka Olivia Ojukwu, the deceased’s wife, reporters set out to get all sides of the story, especially after the statements by Emeka Ojukwu, one of the children.

It would be recalled that the deceased chief Sylvester Debe Ojukwu,the eldest son of the late Ikemba Nnewi,Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, in 2012 declared that a DNA test will remove whatever doubts that may exist about his relationship with the deceased.

Debe who was not mentioned in the late Ojukwu’s Will that was read last month in Enugu dismissed it as a concoction that would not go unchallenged.

“If they claim I am not his child, then the correct test to determine all that is a DNA. This is not something anybody can wish away,” he told The Nation on Saturday.

In the interview published on pages 20,21 and 46 in this edition added: “The Will they read would have been sacrosanct if it mentioned my name but that nothing was given to me. So, for it (Will) not to mention my name, means it was fake and somebody has to prove to me that it was the original Will of my father.

“That I was barred from performing ‘dust-to-dust’ was discriminatory and it is against Section 42 of the Nigerian Constitution, which says that no child should be discriminated against on the basis of circumstance of birth.

“They said there was a DNA test,but the lawyer who wrote his Will claimed that he did not see me. According to him, when he came back in 1982, I appeared and disappeared for 30 years. The lawyer who said he wrote the Will said that.

“The so called DNA test was said to have been done in secret. But how can a DNA test be done in secret? A DNA is usually done and made public. I doubt strongly if this was so. Everything is a grand conspiracy.

“For anyone to go a mile extra to say my name is not in the Will is not something that will go unchallenged.

“I am one person who believes in the truth. And for me, if you err and recognise the fact that you erred and you are ready to show remorse, there is no reason why forgiveness should not come. But when you try to grandstand, there can be no settlement in sight.

“ Will, Will, Will, that was not my father’s Will. He did not write that Will. All the things that have been written are within the realm of speculations.

“The media have been writing without seeing the Will. I took pains to get the Will because it concerns me. I am giving you a copy of what they said is the Will so that the public can get educated. It is not my father’s Will. It was forged. You can see the signatures are different.

“ The signature on the Will is not that of my father. I am a trained police officer. You can take a look at the letters he had written to me and other documents I showed you.The signature on it is different from that which is on the Will. I know what I am talking about. His true signature is in the archives of the Federal High Court. And my father that you are talking about was a former Military Governor of the Eastern Region. He signed edicts, laws. So, his signature is within the domain of public records.

“And because I knew him, he was not the type of person that took rubbish. They went and forged the signature. If you check all the documents, you will find out that the signatures on them do not correspond with that on the will. My father was such a person that when he signed a document, it was like Ikemba. And Ikemba moved straight. Ikemba moved like lightening. If you see his signature, it is deliberate. It is never shaky.



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