Nigeria Will Attack Israel If They Fail To Deport Nnamdi Kanu In 24 Hours — Lai Mohammed


The Minister of Information and culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed has reportedly reacted to the recent video clip that resurfaced showing the alleged kidnapped leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra by the Nigerian Army praying in Israel.

The minister was quoted as saying, “We Are Giving Israeli Government 24 Hours To Deport Nnamdi Kanu Back To Nigeria Or We Will Take A Harsh Action Against Them.

The leader of a pro-Biafran separatist group in Nigeria was missing, prompting speculation as to his whereabouts on the eve of his trial on treason charges.

Nnamdi Kanu, who heads the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) movement, has not been seen in public since troops were deployed to the southeastern city of Umuahia last year.

Kanu, who wants a separate state for the Igbo people who dominated the country’s southeast, has been on bail since April and gone missing, prompting speculation as to his whereabouts on the eve of his trial.

Nigeria Government officially declared IPOB a “terrorist organisation” in mid-September after violent clashes between the security forces and IPOB supporters. Members of the group were accused of attacking military checkpoints in Umuahia, which is the capital of Abia state.



  1. Lai Mohammed is talking like an uneducated person. Nigeria will attack Isreal for what reason. Lai Mohammed should cast his mind back to 90 minutes in Etebe before talking undiplomatically and issuing thunder and brimstone. There is no credible evidence to the effect that will prompt a government minister to be talking recklessnessly. Such a threat by the minister is a fudge and spurious to say the least. You do not issue threat to country that will pick you up within a second.


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