Mercy Aigbe blasts follower who asked about her skin colour


Trolling on social media never gets boring but these days, many internet trolls get really tactful with it and it gets right under the skin of the ‘victims.’

Recently Mercy Aigbe forgot everything about graceful when she blasted a fan for asking her about her skin tone.

Mercy was left rattled after she shared a photo from one of her meetings and a follower dropped a comment asking whether she has more than one skin tone.

In the post, the Instagram user identified as Obukohwo_gab, suggestively asked if the actress was bleaching as some days she appears darker than usual. Obviously belligerent, Aigbe blasted the fan, calling her ‘blocked brain’ and sharing a quick lecture on lightning in photos.

The follower wrote; “Today u will be dark in complexion tomorrow u will be fair. do u have two types of skin colour?”

Mercy then responded; “And your blocked brain didn’t tell you about lighting when pixs are taken? Ode”

Indeed, celebrities have emotions and while they get thousands of likes and good comments on the gram, the few hateful ones still get to them.



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