Lady gives birth in the car of Good Samaritan that was rushing her to the hospital


Due to the negative experience a few people have had while trying to help someone out, most people have become discouraged to perform acts of kindness to people in need.

However, it is interesting to note that there are still some selfless people around who would act kindly without any hope of getting a reward.

A Twitter user, identified Abbas (@_MrSIMPLE_), shared the wonderful experience he had after he helped a pregnant woman and her mother get to the hospital.

According to Abbas, he saw a pregnant woman who was already in labour and her mother by the roadside around 11 pm, and he decided to help them get to the hospital because they were stranded.

However, things took an interesting turn when the pregnant woman gave birth in his car. The surprised Abbas captured a video of the event and posted it on his Twitter page.

He tweeted; “Saw a pregnant woman (already in labour) with her mother stranded by the roadside around 11pm yesterday and decide to give them a ride to the hospital, she delivered the baby at the back seat of my car before reaching the hospital.”

He also revealed in a subsequent tweet that the mother and child are safe and sound.



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